What we do

We always tell our clients: 6 Productions is a production company, not a youtube channel! We produce myriads of content — from fitness to food, and pageantries to reality talk and variety shows. The founder of 6 Productions specializes in artistic directing for local runway shows and pageants as well as managing talents. Eddie has choreographed numerous pageants and competitions such as ‘Miss Earth’, ‘Best Model of the World’, ‘Manhunt Singapore’, ‘NutriMan’, 'NutriGirl', Fitness Couple and Fitness 360.

Why we do

What sets Eddie apart from other creative directors is his versatile skill set which allows him to be involved in many significant roles when choreographing a production. During filming, Eddie takes up the role of a creative director to develop and oversee the vision. He also trains aspiring models personally on how to do the catwalk and posing for the camera. Being a former DJ, Eddie chooses, mixes, and organizes his own music for our content. Eddie believes that be it runway shows, pageant competitions, or producing video content -- they are more than just a mere show and it should also generate a hedonic experience for the audience. Besides the above, we also discover and groom talents for modeling, TV host, acting, and singing. Check out showreels of our very own artists for more information! We aim to reach out to the audience and gain their trust in this production.

How we do

We are fun, easy going, very family-oriented but we also work hard to ensure we produce quality work!