What we do

Revelation Marketing Group (RMG) specialise in digital marketing for e-commerce and service industries. We heavily focus on creating campaigns that enable conversion as our priority while spreading brand awareness for our clients.

Why we do

RMG main goals are to introduce, educate and help SMEs and traditional businesses to break into the online space and leverage on the rise of digital marketing. Through social media platforms and online sales/lead funnel, we are able to help provide an alternate source of income and opportunities for clients. RMG's direction focuses heavily on conversion and sales in order to ensure that our clients remain sustainable while implementing marketing campaigns.

How we do

As a start-up, we enable creatives within every personnel within the team to explore and create compiling collaterals that are tailored to individual clients. We pride ourselves by helping clients implement digital marketing that is highly effective both in the short and long terms goals. To us, sustainability is key in order for growth.