What we do

Expense Concierge provides personalized cash flow management solution to help busy professionals start or accelerate their journey towards their financial goal, so that they can be financially independent. We work with our clients to evaluate their cash flow status, reduce debt and automate savings. All this while maintaining current lifestyle as much as possible. Apart from cash flow, we utilize Neuro Linguistic Programming Coaching to work on any limiting beliefs, evaluate your mindset and relationship with money. This provides clarity and focus in your financial goals and propels you towards achieving them. We believe in giving back to the society and this guides our working principles. Our approach in helping our clients achieve their financial goal is unconventional such that we don't sell them investment ideas. Rather we focus on helping them recognise the nature of their cashflows, rethink about their priorities and bringing out the maximum efficiency from their existing financial resources. In that process, the improvement in our client's financial well-being is our biggest motivator.

Why we do

We are passionate about empowering women to take charge of their life. To design their life through being in control of their financial cash flow. It's true that money is not everything in life, however, without money - or having the peace of mind that comes with knowing the basic necessities of are is covered - that's priceless. So it's about ensuring the bases are covered, then moving on to design your life.

How we do

Company Core Values - create impact & deliver good value. Team member's values - adaptability, growth mindset, takes ownership