What we do

Co-founders Eric Chua and Leslie Chia
Closeknip was founded by Leslie Chia (of bespoke label PIMABS) and a team of veterans with over 20 years in men’s tailoring, fashion design and styling — with the mission to offer busy working professionals quality ‘made-to-order’ menswear at accessible prices, in a short turnaround time. The reduction in production time comes from a proprietary Fitting System, developed using extensive data built up from almost 20 years of menswear tailoring and understanding body types and human postures. Closeknip is a playful stitch of two words — ‘close-knit’ and ‘nip’ — synonymous to the friendship of like-minded individuals who appreciate everlasting style and quality. The brand specialises in elevating everyday menswear basics to form a quality foundation for a stylish, functional and sustainable wardrobe. To support an ethical and sustainable culture, Closeknip adopts best practices at work and its production; from sourcing eco-friendly fabrics and packaging, customers education, to engagement with recycling programme partners.

Why we do

Closeknip offers an innovative approach to made-to-order menswear and wardrobe construction. Created for the modern-day gentlemen who appreciate quality, fit and style, but too busy to go through the lengthy fitting process in traditional tailoring. The Closeknip ideology is to help customers build a capsule wardrobe made up of everyday menswear staples — timeless, versatile, and functional. Launched 2-3 times a year, each capsule collection recreates the ideal wardrobe categorised into Play, Work and Formal menswear including essential quality pieces like shirts, pants, jackets and basic accessories. Pieces from the collection can be easily mixed and matched to create multiple looks that are effortless, and stylish, and by doing so, supports the concept of sustainable living. Every item in the collection is made-to-order and fitted using the proprietary Closeknip Fitting System which reduces fitting and production time, besides cutting down on material wastage.

How we do

Template sizes from our proprietary Fitting System
The reduction in fitting and production time comes from the proprietary Fitting System. It was developed using extensive data built up from almost 20 years of menswear tailoring experience. With such in-depth data on hand, the Closeknip team were able to filter through an extensive range of men’s body types and condense it into a refined and narrower range. They built an archive of over 200 ‘templates’ based on this range and created the final fitting guide system that offers quick and highly predictive measurements of a person’s best clothing fit from just a few key body measurements.