What we do

Hello, I am Sin Ho Kang, CEO of CJ Logistics. With a strong commitment to logistics for over 90 years, CJ Logistics has been opening up and leading the logistics industry, improving the quality of people’s lives, and driving the nation’s economic growth. The CL Division transports raw materials and products throughout all industrial sectors, from strategic materials that build the foundation for national industries to consumer goods, foods, and the heavy chemical industry like automobiles, shipbuilding, and steel based on the company’s long experience as well as its nationwide logistics network. We also operate a top-level automation center in Korea and perform harbor loading and unloading. The Global Division has entered in markets all over the world, starting with Vietnam in 1966 and later spreading out to the U.S., China, Japan and others, serving as a reliable logistics partner for our company. With a network of 154 corporations based in 40 countries with an aim for further global expansion. We provide one-stop logistics services, such as contract logistics, forwarding and international express. Furthermore, we have successfully entered the logistics markets in rapidly developing emerging nations and the Americas through the acquisition of other global companies, thereby pursuing further business expansion. The Parcel Division provides a quick and accurate parcel delivery service based on Korea’s biggest and most stable infrastructure with over 170 sub-terminals located in the various major cities nationwide including the mega-hub terminal in Gonjiam, which is the largest in Korea. We are the only one in the industry to have the entire process automated. We have also secured our place at the top in terms of market share in Korea by applying advanced technology and taking the initiative in advancing the parcel industry. Furthermore, in response to the rapidly growing e-commerce market, we established an e-commerce department and developed the unique and integrated ‘CJ Logistics e-Fulfillment’ service that combined the fulfillment center with big hub terminals, thereby providing a quick and stable service for e-commerce business operators and consumers.

Why we do

CJ Logistics has been continuously growing through selection and concentration strategy based on its structural competitiveness such as innovative growth, outstanding competency, and top talent, and is trying to become a global No.1 logistics company beyond Korea. In order to achieve sustainable growth as the global No.1 logistics company, CJ Logistics has enacted the CJ Code of Business Conduct to comply with the high level of ethical standards of these changing environments in honest and responsive manner. At the same time, CJ Logistics foster a corporate culture where all employees could voluntarily put ethical management in action through their commitments to the ethical management. To establish the ethical management culture firmly, CJ Logistics has implemented the subordinate policies and guidelines to the CJ Code of Business Conduct, providing the proper direction in our daily work. Furthermore, CJ Logistics is operating various programs such as period trainings and evaluations for all employees to persuade them voluntarily participate in the ethical management. CJ Logistics will continue to pursue the best ethical management in the world as members of a respected and beloved corporation with support from our customers, shareholders, colleagues, partners, and global communities.

How we do

CJ Logistics will become a global leader of logistics based on constant innovation and challenge. To this end, we will seek qualitative growth through choice and concentration in bigger-growth, higher profit business. We will establish a high profit structure by securing future new growth engines through the development of innovative business models and create a virtuous cycle that improves the financial structure, thereby enhancing enterprise value. We will also enhance operational efficiency by expanding the application of automated and unmanned facilities based on TES. We optimize operations based on digital transformation using AI and big data, apply advanced technology to the field, secure “super-gap” competency and accelerate service development. We will create a corporate culture in which the most talented individuals can display their capabilities to the fullest, while also fulfilling corporate social responsibility and actively practicing global-level sustainable management. CJ Logistics will strive to fulfill the vision of ‘The Global SCM Innovator’ and become a company that is respected and loved by global customers and societies by securing top competitiveness and achieving sustainable growth. We look forward to your encouragement and support with CJ Logistics’ constant efforts. Thank you.