What we do

Talent Needed.
Dare yourself to be different and unconventional.
We are a Modern Feng Shui Consulting Company, and we have some very ambitious plans.

Why we do

We don't beautiful houses into zoo or Chinese temples
We understand the market concerns.
Many Geomancers out there want to sell you Feng Shui auspicious items. They only care about their bottom line and not the clients' well-begin. Since 2015, we have been one of the first in the market/industry to promote the concept of saying no to Feng Shui auspicious items. We pride ourselves as Modern Feng Shui Consultants that nobody will be able to know that you had Feng Shui in your house. Never had we turned a house into a zoo or a Chinese temple. This killer differentiation helped us gain many die-hard supporters and clientele. Saying 'no' to Feng Shui auspicious items is the first disruption we have had in the industry. The second disruption was we were the first to introduce the concept of service fees based on the size of the property and not the type of property. Why should condo owners pay more when their property's size is smaller than an HDB flat? Just because it is a condo, the market punishes them; unfair. Now we want to disrupt the industry again. But this time, we want you to be part of it.

How we do

Be part of our team that disrupted the industry.
Be part of our team that force the market to adhere to our standards.
We have some very ambitious plans to change the surface of the earth, and if you think you are the one looking for an opportunity to be part of something that will better our future, join us. Our plans start with a good website and some very clever marketing with a solid Modern Feng Shui knowledge. Welcome if you are a fun-loving person, love jokes, and most importantly, this position is for people who want to make a positive contribution towards making the world a better place. Oh, one last thing, we keep our politics to polling day alone. Hence, no politician is working here, and if you have any political ambitions, we cannot help you.