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5月末にはアジア・パシフィック・ジャパン地域(APJ)の記念日があり、これに合わせて共同創業者のBruno Guicardi(ブルーノ・ギサルディ)が全社社内広報にメッセージを寄せてくれ、日本と中国では記念のビデオやTシャツも作成する熱の入れよう。

CI&Ter (CI&Tでは、従業員のことをこう表現することがよくあります)同士だけでなく、家族同士も共に楽しい時間を分かち合うことで社内の風通しもよくなりますし、自分の夫や妻、父や母が職場でどんな雰囲気でどんな人達と仕事をしているのかを垣間見ることでCI&Terの働きやすさもグン、と増すと思います。

私たちが自分たちのことをCI&T Familyと表現することが、子ども達の姿にもよく現れているなぁと思えた光景でした。


We had a BBQ party to celebrate the anniversary of CI & T Asia Pacific Japan.

CI & T is a company that celebrates a lot. We celebrate corporate anniversaries, campaigns and global holidays/celebrations such as International Women's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and various national celebrations in various sizes.

At the end of May, we had an anniversary in the Asia Pacific Japan region (APJ), and one of our co-founder Bruno Guicardi (Bruno Guisardi) will send a message to the company's internal PR, and in Japan and China, we were very enthusiastic about creating commemorative videos and T-shirts.

Then, on the first Sunday of June, a BBQ party was held with family members also joined.
Many CI & T events allow family members to participate.

By sharing fun time not only with CI & Ter (At CI & T, employees are often described as this) but also with other family members, we can improve the openness of the company, and by giving a glimpse of what kind of people my husband, wife, father, and mother are working with, we can make CI & Ters easier to work.

What impressive was that children who speak different languages such as Portuguese, English, Chinese and Japanese were playing together, and that they asked for help any adults around them.

We often described ourselves as the CI & T Family, and it seemed to show well in these scenes of children’s behaviour.

Of course, we don't have to think about such small and difficult things during the event, just enjoy the time!
If you look at the last group photo on this post, you'll see that everyone had the most fun.

Because CI & T is a place for people of different races, cultures, languages, and personalities gather, we always try to improve our office environment to make it for people can enjoy both daily work and these events with recognizing each other's differences and virtues.

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