What we do

CarPal SG Pte. Ltd. is a Singaporean company headquartered at the heart of CBD area in Singapore. Launched in July 2014, CarPal is transforming the way local goods move around in cities. It is building a platform and the technology that allows any consumer, small business or large corporation to plug-and-play a supply chain solution on-demand, allowing them to reduce costs and increase flexibility. CarPal opens a new world where local supply chain management and analytics become a breeze and fun to operate. Keep operations lean, customers happy and continue making fast decisions. Since launch, CarPal has been met with immediate success and exponential growth. CarPal raised its pre-Series A round of SGD 1 million from Singapore-based VC firm RB Investments in January 2016. CarPal is currently serving businesses as well as consumers across different industries in Singapore with presence in multiple locations in South East Asia.

Why we do

ON SHARING ECONOMY The concept of sharing economy is the source of inspiration behind CarPal. This model is enabled by technology that makes connections between people, goods and services more efficient. Environmental impact and sustainability is at the core of CarPal’s daily operations. In addition to reducing congestion on the road, we are making cities more sustainable and efficient by reducing carbon footprint.

How we do

CarPal is built by a passionate team of engineers, marketers, operations and specialists, and is headquartered in Singapore. We constantly challenges ourselves to think outside the box, innovate and revolutionize urban logistics. We are a young and dynamic team where everyone works collaboratively regardless of their designated titles and roles. We work in an interactive environment where every team member’s ideas are heard and valued. We believe keeping our people happy and inspired is the best way to move our company forward.