What we do

Student going through High Elements
Students going through Kayaking
Youth development is a journey that all young people go through and the key to promoting positive development is the planning of quality experiences. Here in CAMP CHALLENGE, we facilitate character development through our high impact and values-centric programmes, helping youths grow with the right attitude and social skills. We are also a registered social enterprise and a portion of our revenue is directed towards subsidized programmes for under-privileged youths.

Why we do

At the heart of CAMP CHALLENGE is our philosophy towards youth development – Well-rounded youth development that centers on personal and social values, a sense of responsibility towards the community, and the drive to create a positive impact.

How we do

This philosophy underpins the three pillars that support our youth development framework which are manifested into our daily practices, programmes and interaction with the participants. These pillars are our Vision, Mission and Values, the C.E.L.L. Principle and the C.A.M.P. Methodology.