What we do

Since our agency was founded in 2009, we have had constant iterations to our agency model. We believe that we’ve finally managed to hit the “sweet spot” as an agency – incorporating the best aspects of a large agency and the flexibility of a boutique team to build profitable relationships with our clients. Unlike smaller digital agencies in Singapore, we don’t believe in relying on templatised strategies. We create completely customised approaches based on your business goals and organisation boundaries. When necessary, we will re-strategise and pivot as your company evolves. We also offer a much more conservative pricing compared to larger agencies, and we don’t work with any minimum budget. Our goal as an agency is to become an extension of your marketing team to ensure a truly collaborative and profitable partnership.

Why we do

We used to be in your shoes, so we know what you’re looking for Before we started Brew Interactive as a digital marketing agency in Singapore, our founder, Marcus Ho, along with the folks on our senior management team were on your side of the table (either as entrepreneurs or marketing and content directors). Back then, we’ve worked with every type of marketing agency, ranging from creative agencies, to telesales call centres and digital/media agencies. Sometimes, these partnerships yielded great results. But more often than not, it wasn’t a good fit. Sure, they had great sales people to talking to us, but after the contract was signed, we were immediately bummed off to their junior employees, who then had great difficulties in understanding our business goals, and the gaps that we were facing. Through these experiences, we realised that there was an obvious gap in the agency world. Hence, we decided to build a digital agency that could collectively come up with the right strategy and the necessary skills to execute on every level. This is what Brew Interactive is about.

How we do

Like brewing a great drink, we believe a great digital marketing strategy requires the right mix of ingredients and processes. This is exactly what we've been doing over the last 10+ years as a growth-focused digital marketing agency. Brew Interactive is an agency made up of only experienced digital strategists because we believe your success depends on more than just a methodology. You're looking for trusted experts with a vested interest in your success. We're an agency that covers end-to-end digital work, such as lead generation, lead nurturing, content marketing, social media, conversion rate optimization and digital advertising. Clients range from over eight industries, from B2B to education and financial services. We're a fun-loving group with a humble and hardworking disposition. We care tremendously about the quality and impact of our work.