What we do

A Capital Markets solutions provider founded in 2017, Bondlinc is certified by the Singapore Fintech Association, is a MAS grant recipient and has attained several industry accolades such as the Most Promising Start-up and Best Growth Strategy at Asian Private Banker's 3rd and 4th Technology Awards, respectively.

Why we do

Bondlinc's solutions are focused on the fixed income trading aspects of the Private Bank and Wealth Management financial landscape. Having recently been conferred the Best Regulatory Reporting Solution and the Most Innovative Solution titles by the Asian Private Banker, is a testament of how this young start-up continues to dedicate itself in creating value for financial institutions.

How we do

Bondlinc seeks to increase the transparency and efficiency of the markets and its solutions benefit Financial Institutions through the following means. • Automation of compliance procedures to stay relevant with regulatory requirements Bondlinc helps automate challenging pre-trade and compliance procedures such as complex product checks and factsheet generation, while leveraging on machine learning technology. This minimizes human error while maximizing efficiency, especially where time is of the essence in the preliminary market. • Standardised definitions and procedures via a single platform Bondlinc collaborates with industry practitioners such as the Private Wealth Management Association of Hong Kong to help standardise regulatory definitions and procedures. These include the identification of complex product and special features, including their definitions and corresponding risk disclosure requirements. • A centralised repository of product due diligence documents Bondlinc's document management system hosts a centralised repository of product due diligence documents, such as prospectuses and term sheets. Users are able to search for any such documents and dynamically generate a real-time factsheet. • Greater price transparency Bondlinc provides users an insight into an extremely fragmented market, while also allowing our clients to fulfill regulatory requirements on price quotes. This is achieved through its pricing engine which ensures accurate and real-time prices are captured, highlighting the best spreads.