What we do

Blue Sky Food Holdings Pte Ltd is a Restaurant and Catering Group founded in 2006. Born out of a love for creating comfort food for diverse tastes, Blue Sky Food has evolved into a corporation that prides itself on serving up wonderful gastronomic experiences with our Indian and Bengali restaurants – Maya’s Kitchen and Dhaka Restaurant. In addition, our Catering arm provides full-fledged F&B services for events in both intimate and formal settings. Ultimately, we believe great food and amazing hospitality can help to bridge divides and build enduring relationships.

Why we do

Nothing unites people more than the love of good food. Doubly so for us at Blue Sky Food. Our passion to create delightful cuisines and reimagine familiar Asian flavours has blossomed into an F&B enterprise that comprises a group of restaurants and catering operations, some of which were Halal-certified. We believe in creating joyous moments for every occasion. Our Restaurants: Maya's Kitchen Step into Maya’s Kitchen any day and be greeted by the familiar aromas of Tandoori chicken and Tikka Masala. Located along Jalan Sultan right next to Hotel Boss, our extensive menu of exquisite Indian dishes promises to satisfy your hankering for comfort food. Vegetarian or meat-lover, you’ll definitely find a taste here that suits you. Dhaka Restaurant Whether you’re a Bangladeshi national longing for homecooked Bengali food, or just a weary shopper from the nearby Mustafa Centre looking for a good meal, Dhaka Restaurant has you covered. Be spoilt for choice as our chefs from India and Bangladesh whip up authentic Bengali dishes with a touch of unique flavours. Hearty and brimming with the fragrance of spices, they are best enjoyed with a group of close friends. Catering: Blue Sky Food provides a wide range of services tailored for consumers and businesses, including food catering for weddings, birthday celebrations, baby showers, and corporate functions. We have extensive experience and expertise in Indian, Bangladeshi, Chinese, Asian, and Western food catering. In addition, our food catering business has attained Halal certification by MUIS.

How we do

Vision Emerge as Asia’s premier restaurant and catering group, delighting clients with exquisite international cuisines and outstanding hospitality. Mission To connect people through great food, and create phenomenal gastronomic experiences via culinary and service excellence. Core Values Integrity - Our corporate culture is one firmly built on integrity, which guides all executive, managerial, and operations roles. Every member accepts the responsibilities that come with the rigours of an F&B industry, and are determined to make the right decisions, even under challenging circumstances. Professionalism - We are driven to provide outstanding services and experiences for all clients. Every team member is well-trained in their role, and can communicate effectively with customers to suggest the best dish, menu, or catering setup. We respect our team’s capabilities as much as our customers’ needs. Empathy - Heartfelt hospitality begins with empathy. Our team members are trained to recognise the different customers’ needs and do their best to make accommodations. Be it a dietary restriction, time-sensitive delivery, or special event setup, we will always listen to and respect your needs.