What we do

Soh Sin En - Director & Program Coordinator
Dr. David Wen (MBBS) - Director
Today, 1 in 4 Singaporeans above 40 years old is diagnosed with at least 1 chronic condition (diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol). When inadequately managed, these conditions bring about long term complications that can result in heavy medical costs, physical and emotional stress to the individual and his/her family. Yet, many chronic diseases are lifestyle-related and preventable when we take a proactive approach. Blue Oak Healthcare is a start up on a mission to empower individuals and families in the prevention and early intervention of chronic diseases. We are revolutionizing the understanding about health, its impact on our lives and the way we provide care. At Blue Oak, we design healthcare programs centred on our patients’ needs and provide holistic support for them to take charge of their health. Blue Oak’s key interest is in the study of health behaviour modification and we adopt the approach of (i) medical coaching aimed at self-discovery and shifting mindsets, (ii) providing targeted knowledge and support for building healthful habits and (iii) enable measurability of clinical outcomes. We target the following program pathways, focusing on effecting changes to lifestyle-related chronic illnesses: (i) Chronic disease management (diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol) (ii) Smoking cessation (iii) Weight management (iv) Stress management (general preventative health)

Why we do

Dr. Angela Tan (MBBS) - Medical Director, Health Coach & Trainer
Dr. Neo Eak Chan - Medical Advisor
The purpose of Blue Oak’s founding, apart from solving complex problems in healthcare, is to realize the ideal of doing good and doing well in modern economies. This doesn’t mean doing CSR or charity (which often takes place as an after-thought). In our context, it refers to growing an enduring for-profit business where we leverage the power of the enterprise economy to create new products and services aimed at solving complex social problems we see in our society. In the process of doing so, we cause positive impact to the way of life of people around us (including Blue Oak staff and their family), and achieve financial sustainability and success as we strive to address real needs which is meaningful for people to pay for. Doing good and doing well in business at Blue Oak is thus a fore-thought, built into our business model and daily work, tapping on higher aspirations and creating sustainable businesses that inspire change and produce effective results.

How we do

Victor Ng - Advisor, Deputy General Manager, Growth Enterprise Fund
Chen Lujie - Advisor, Co-Founder of Kairos Society ASEAN, Author of Seek to Keep
We see work as more than a vocation. Work must bring us financial security; and beyond that, it also has a higher purpose of being an access for both professional and personal development, where we continuously work to understand ourselves, discover our true potential, acquire new skills and contribute to solving real world problems – with sustainability. As Blue Oak expands the team in championing a new model of healthcare, we are looking for like-minded candidates to join us.