What we do

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Imagine driving a Bat Mobile in Mario Kart, or dressing your Sims in your favorite brand? Epik is a digital merchandise licensing platform. The technology enables game publishers to connect with brands and intellectual property (IP) owners to create name brand, premium in-game items sold as licensed digital collectible and digital merchandise. The Epik platform facilitates short term, Direct-to-Retail, cross collaborations – much like UNIQLO and Alexander Wang, Nike and Off-White, but in digital, which immediately adds value to all parties transactions in the virtual goods industry.

Why we do

Epik aims to bridge the gap between IP Holders and Digital Publishers. We are creating an entire new industry! We have an extremely diverse team with vastly different backgrounds and specialities.

How we do

We have built a proprietary software technology that removes friction in the industry, working hand in hand with industry veterans. Our team has experience in Nintendo, Tetris, and Sony just to name a few.