What we do

Bizsquare Management Consultants Pte Ltd is a one-stop business consultancy firm started in 2013. There are 4 main services that Bizsquare provides - Business Loan Consulting, Accounting & Corporate Secretarial, Branding & Marketing and Strategy Management Consulting. We offer a holistic approach for businesses with the aim to facilitate the growth of SMEs. The role of Bizsquare is to empower more SMEs by helping them to raise funds through financing from banks and Financial Institutions (FIs). Bizsquare has partnered with over 25 banks, FIs, private investors and alternative lenders to help them with their business financing. Bizsquare also advise SMEs on how to improve their business cashflow.

Why we do

Our founder, Melvin Ho, has over 11 years of banking experience and 7 years of management experience in the current company. He recognized that often SMEs and potential entrepreneurs are often unsure of what to do next in their course of businesses.These would have severe repercussions on their businesses as without a good business, financial or marketing plan, it creates a loss of opportunities for them. Our aim is to be an accelerator, to empower SMEs growth and enable them to go beyond their current limits. OUR VISION Being the most reliable business advisory firm that SMEs can safely rely on. Offering Solutions and growth opportunities of SMEs to enable them to improve their overall value of their company. OUR MISSION Growing Businesses, Changing Lives. OUR VALUES Transparency, Consistency, Quality, Integrity, Social Empowerment

How we do

Many of us are entrepreneurs who has gone through what many businesses and start-ups has gone through before. Therefore, we are confident to help you overcome our clients' problems.