What we do

Biocomm is a bioscience-led cosmeceutical OEM laboratory based in Singapore. We work with brands and companies to develop high quality, custom-formulated products that can make a positive difference in their customers’ lives. And we help our clients succeed by complementing their ideas and ambition with our deep scientific knowledge, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and go-to-market expertise.

Why we do

Towards a better life for humanity: As scientists, we see an immense potential in bioscience to make a difference in people’s lives. A new bioactive substance may just revolutionise the skin care industry tomorrow. Someone’s life may change drastically for the better with a fortified health formula. The possibilities are limitless. And that is what keeps us going at Biocomm. To build a better life for humanity.

How we do

We work with clients around the world in six core areas: Skin Care, Hair Care, Oral Care, Health Care, Environmental Care, and Pet Care. Over the years, we’ve collaborated with over 250 brands and stocked the shelves of pharmacies, clinics, independent stores and retail chains in over 38 countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Sri Lanka, India, Dubai, Turkey, Philippines, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Kuwait, USA, Hong Kong and Korea. At Biocomm, we see ourselves as a part of our client’s team. We work very closely with them. And we walk with them through the entire product development process – from concept right up to the marketplace. Clients who don’t require end-to-end services, they’re always welcome to join us at any stage of the product development process.