What we do

Established in 1974 with more than 40 years of experience in the cleaning industry, Building Area Maintenance focuses on rendering professional and high standards of cleaning solutions to all our clients. We offer commercial cleaning services for industries in the condo, B1 industrial, hotel, and shopping mall sectors. It is indeed our privilege to serve clients from various sectors such as, Conservancy, Commercial, Offices, Eateries and Entertainment outlets. With our team of trained and certified cleaners, team leaders, supervisors and operation executives, we provide a wide range of services to accommodate to your specific needs.

Why we do

Building Area Maintenance is a cleaning company with a passion to make a pleasant looking environment in a cost effective way satisfying the client’s requirements. We follow all industry practices recommended by NEA, like inspecting and usage of chemicals etc. We also offer other cleaning services such as maintaining facilities, and pest control activities for commercial and residential buildings. Building Area Maintenance can help your environments look shine and increase your productivity more by ensuring that your place attracts your visitors. We always keep your business values and customers in our mind when we work on your premises. For our cleaning services, we satisfy all types of clients ranging from HDBs to Condos and small shops to commercial buildings. We use various cleaning processes like floor polishing, glass windows shining, oil and grease removal, carpet vacuums, etc. Our Company provides all types of facility management services.

How we do

Our goal is to satisfy our customers by providing exceptional service and creating a safe and friendly work environment for all of our staff. We do our part in keeping Singapore a clean and modern looking city admired by all regardless if you are visiting or calling it home.