What we do

Discover your passion at Baker & Cook!
Exterior of a Baker & Cook location (Can you guess where?)
First opened in 2012, Baker & Cook is Singapore’s only true artisan bakery & foodstore. Our bakery products are hand-crafted and made with time honoured processes with honest ingredients. Baker & Cook is the creation & pride of celebrated Global Baker, Dean Brettschneider. We offer a wide range of breads and bakery inspired products. We are located in a casual, cosy, neighbourhood vibes.

Why we do

Our lovely staff selecting freshly baked pastries. Is it a Viennoiserie or Patisserie?
Happy patrons enjoying a special time catching up!
Our Vision: To provide a contemporary dining & shopping experience striving to enrich as many peoples’ lives as possible with our ‘passion is our main ingredient’ attitude. To be the world's leading artisan bakery & foodstore brand, delivering a “products we love” (PWL) and “service we love” (SWL) approach in everything we do. To make our team members & customers our No.1 asset and at all times we will seek to exceed their expectations, whilst ensuring we all have fun along the way.

How we do

Delectable treats at one glance!
A morning brew? Yes please!
Our team culture: Fun, Integrity, Teamwork , Respect, Communication and Commitment!