What we do

Management Team
We are a Singaporean-based Digital Financial Advisory platform. We are in the exciting FinTech sector and we are one of the only two digital financial advisory platforms to have received in-principle approval from MAS.

Why we do

AutoWealth was privileged to be interviewed by Channel News Asia
Unlike the mutual funds or financial planners from before, we are finally going to make good on the promise of helping any Singaporeans accumulate wealth effortlessly to meet their financial goals through good investing.

How we do

We do so by combining our proprietary market-returns strategy (outperforms 80-90%) of all actively managed funds) with automation technology. This allows us to provide superior returns at 1/4 the fees of traditional financial services. We are a fully launched start-up with existing clients and have since closed our seed equity round at a multi-million valuation. We have been featured on Channel NewsAsia, Fintechopreneur, Straitstimes, Business Times and Zaobao.