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【日経産業新聞の1面に特集頂きました!/ was on Nikkei's top news!】※English below

【日経産業新聞の1面に特集頂きました!/ was on Nikkei's top news!】※English below


先日人事部主催のMC Alumniの会にも呼んでもらい、少しずつですが現職と退職者の垣根が低くなって来ている事を感じています。




I was interviewed at my previous work place, Mitsubishi Corporation,Tokyo,Japan as an entrepreneur of Mitsubishi Alumni.

It's graaadually changing in Japan that job change would be acceptable.

HR department of Mitsubishi has been inviting the people who resigned Mitsubishi, for CVC or some collaboration.

I wanna personally support not only the international Mitsubishi employees in Japan but also sending employees to settle in the other countries.

Well, that will be another chance to happen hopefully soon 🙂

・Nikkei Newspaper

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