The Journey -インドのトップ大学を卒業し、アジラで働くあるエンジニアのお話-

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We interviewed Mr. Niraj Yadav who works with us at Asilla. He shared with us his story from his first encounter with computers to joining Asilla.


・Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at IIT Mandi

・Internship in Weathernews inc.

・AI Engineer in Asilla inc.

Motivation for computers

As a kid I was extremely interested in Video Games and installing softwares in my PC. There was even an incident when my parents told me to choose between a new computer and bicycle and I chose the computer, that's why I still don’t know how to ride a bicycle till now, xD! My love for computers was the main reason I chose to become a Computer Science Engineer.

Education and entering into IIT

I was an average student till my 9ṭh grade and become a little more interested in studies after that, I appeared first time for JEE exams (Required for admission to IITs, you need to be in top 1%) and passed with a Rank 20k at that rank you cannot find a proper branch. So repeated 1 whole year to appear again for the JEE exam and this time I got a far better rank of 6k at this Rank I got Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at IIT Mandi.

Life at IIT

Life at IIT was full of enjoyment and learning there I made great friends and was able to learn a lot about almost everything. The great thing about IIT is not its teachers but the fellow students who you meet and learn from, almost everyone is a genius in one field or another. I also taken interest in Deep learning and AI and wanted these to be the areas I work in future. I travelled to a lot of places and 3 and half years passed in a blink of an eye. Last 6 months time was killed by corona and we have to do it in online mode from our homes. :(

The Intern and beginning of a dream

In my university days I got an amazing opportunity to intern in a Japanese company weathernews inc. for two months. In 2019 June I left for Japan and arrived at Narita Airport from there to Shinagawa where I lived for two months. Daily I went from Shinagawa to Kahimmakuhari to work at my company. I instantly fell in love with Japanese work culture and way of life. I still miss my days there when I enjoyed and learned so much, especially drinking. It was a lot of fun.
When I came back to India I felt I left a part of me in Japan.
So, I made my dream to come to Japan in future and work there for a long long time.

Life at Asilla

My life at Asilla so far has been amazing, the people are amazing, super friendly and even very cool. I am able to use leading hardware machines and work on state of the art technologies at the company. We even own an RTX 3090 and threadripper! In each of my projects I learn different things and make new friends. The development branch of Asilla in Vietnam has a lot of amazing Engineers with a lot of experience and will help you in every possible way. The harmony and coordination between the two nations' branches is seamless and amazing. I am eagerly waiting to be able to come to Japan and work with the people in person and not remotely.

If you feel you want to change the world using technology come to Asilla and take the next level challenges!

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