What we do

House of Amber Nectar Pte Ltd works tirelessly to perfect our selection of beer, we import and distribute only the most delicious brew right to your door for your enjoyment. Our brands include JINRO Soju, DUVEL Belgian beers and Hofbrau Munchen. Our company is one of the first in Singapore to introduce the growler concept where you can take away freshly tapped beer anywhere without losing the true quality of draught.

Why we do

As a resourceful and creative FMCG Market Expansion company, we are determined and dedicated to achieve sucess for the Brands we represent. With uncanny accuracy, we craft the most relevant brand building strategy. We derive a mixture of conventional and radical approaches for marketing and distribution, and ensure the best methods are employed for adaptive execution and effective distribution in Singapore and South East Asia region.

How we do

Our success comes from believing in human capital, every individual employee delivers their work with highest passion and therefore the best service to our customers.