What we do

Align Group is a dynamic people consulting firm that partners business enterprises in the implementation of effective people solutions. This is achieved by combining the knowledge of human resources, positive psychology (the science of happiness) and people analytics. Serving broad-ranging clientele across diverse industries, we strategically partner exciting tech start-ups, heritage family businesses and other growing SMEs in their journey to realise the full potential of their human capital. Our goal is to help companies create sustainable productivity, strong alignment and to bring the best out of people.

Why we do

Our mission is to enable organisations to maximise the performance and potential of people through Workplace Happiness. Our Value Proposition is our strong adherence to our Core Values that define and differentiate us. A premier human capital service provider, we are at the forefront championing good HR through workplace happiness to help businesses grow.

How we do

Our Core Values We hold strongly to our Values. They define us and differentiate us from the rest. 1. Happiness 2. Entrepreneurial 3. Integrity 4. Service 5. Excellence