What we do

Acestes Pte Ltd was founded in 2014 with the business mission of building a safer and better world through our security and investigation services and solutions. We started our journey through humble beginnings in the security industry and we constantly evolved ourselves to stay relevant and competitive, focusing on delivering a consistent service standard for our customers based on our five core principles – Integrity, Dedication, Passion, Professionalism, and Courage. Our customers range from MCST of condominiums and commercial buildings to big event organizers like SGP of Formula One Race. Besides expanding our market share in the security and investigation market, we are also actively diversifying into other sectors that can benefit our customers and employees eg. technology, training, and security consultancy.

Why we do

Today, not only are we a security service provider, but we are also an accredited training provider contributing to uplifting the standards of security through training. Over and above the business mission, we also have a social mission of providing opportunities for Singaporeans to regain their self-respect and a better livelihood for themselves and their families through stable jobs and increasing income.

How we do

In 2021, Acestes achieved the BizSAFE STAR certification which is the highest level of accreditation of Workplace Safety & Health and Risk Management Excellence. We dedicate our BizSAFE journey to all our security officers. This is also our commitment to customers that our security officers will professionally deliver their duties as they are well rested and do not work longer than 12 hrs a day in accordance to the Employment Act. In Acestes, we believe in taking good care of our security team so that we can better serve our customers! We are humbled to also be a part of RAISE SG, becoming the first and only Social Enterprise from the security industry.