What we do

Acclivis is the leading IT services provider in Asia Pacific offering a comprehensive suite of technology capabilities to drive growth and performance for both private and public organizations. Through its key service pillars around cloud, technology and managed services, Acclivis distinguishes itself with a track record of over 500 projects under its portfolio. Together with its valued ecosystem of partners across Asia Pacific, Acclivis’ proven technology and business expertise backed by delivery capabilities, and international-certified facilities help customers embark on their digital transformation.

Why we do

Acclivis is the strategic technology partner for the enterprise, with the singular objective of helping customers navigate the ever-changing IT landscape. We will harness the best of technology to deliver IT services that allow our customers to gain competitive advantage with tangible business outcomes.

How we do

We hold ourselves to a high standard of service in our continual pursuit of innovation for the benefit of our customers and support a high performance culture where each and every employee strives to give his best to the customer and to the organization. We define our success by the value we bring to our constituents – our customers, employees and shareholders – creating a better future by unleashing the power of digitization.