What we do

AA International Insurance positions itself as a One-Stop Insurance Provider specialising namely in; General and Corporate Insurance. Though we specialise mainly in these areas we are still open in other insurance areas that you can think of. We represent the Major, Financially Sound Insurance, companies in the country hence we are not limited to the products of only one company. This enables us to customise the coverage to your needs yet offering the most competitive rates in the industry.

Why we do

Our present objective is to create franchise outlets around Singapore making AA a local brand (and subsequently a regional brand, expanding overseas). This will create horizontal and vertical growth in our Singapore economy. At the same time, it helps us to train and groom more young entrepreneurs and business minded individuals

How we do

We are constantly emphasising on building customer relationships through the simple act of showing dignity and respect to the customers. Open communication helps in the expansion of our current services by making sure that everything is done honestly and ethically. Hence even if we are just an intermediary, we promise that the service provided exceeds the customer’s expectation with no additional cost. In every recommendation that is made, we make sure that it is based on our best expertise.