What we do

We are Bubble Tea Maker originated from Taichung, Taiwan, and was voted Top 10 Bubble Tea Brands in Taiwan 2020. We are the Master Franchise of Wanpo SG.

Why we do

“After turning into the alley, you will see a brick red door, with an ace rose tree at the entrance, that is my home” In a time before GPS was invented, this was how I would direct the taxi driver to my home at the military family’s village. There are thousands upon thousands of stories on this island, reverberating the tranquil beauty of the ocean, echoing eternally in both space and time. In Taiwan, every military family’s village has a hoard of stories relating to a cup of tea. I grew up in a bittersweet environment. The military family’s village used to be a large community composed of people with various dialects; living habits and tastes. These are the memories of my childhood that I seem to always come back to. Mingguang grocery store was the centre hub where aunties and uncles from all over the neighbourhood would gather to spend a whole afternoon making small talk over a cup of aiyo lemonade.. Wanpo wishes to carry this legacy and continue passing it down for all to experience.

How we do

Young and vibrant working environment. We allow lots of creative juices flowing among the team. We believe that no idea is a bad idea. An open community for all staff to express their views and thoughts to the management. Lots of career advancement opportunities to explore!