What we do

Visit this link http://2359media.com/work/ to find out about 2359 Works
Visit this link http://2359media.com/work/ to find out about 2359 Works
We create digital user experiences that transform the way people live and work through technology. Headquartered in Singapore, our growing team currently spans 100+ employees across our Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia offices. Over the past 9 years, we have worked with our clients across a multitude of industries to launch over 100 mobile applications and websites, ranging from award-winning consumer applications to business-essential enterprise mobility applications.

Why we do

We're passionate about solving problems with cutting-edge tech, rich design, and refined business processes. We want to transform tomorrow together, changing the way people live and work, by gathering the greatest minds fit for the greatest challenges, impacting the world one innovation at a time.

How we do

Foosball in the pantry!
We’re not just developers, designers, nor consultants - we’re problem solvers, and we move with a calculated and iterative methodology, diving deep into problems with thorough research and gusto. We execute fast, analyse, and iterate. It's a constant learning process, and an ethic we're proud of. We are a collective of motley individuals with diverse expertise and passions, underscored by the same values and aspirations. From the interns to the founders, all of us bring unique value, narratives and knowledge to the table. We cheer on growth, excellence and innovation. Our work ethic favours speed, agility and iteration. Our team favours diamonds in the rough, positivity and diversity.