What we do

We believe in Style, Quality and Value for your home. Just as clothing reflects your style, your home is a reflection of you that will grow and evolve. We would like to be a part of your journey as you develop your personal signature and transform your stylish home. 222 Fifth, “Triple Two Fifth”, is a brand developed by PTS America for home furnishings. It is our address in New York City, where we have been located for the last 20 years. We are looking to expand our team in Singapore to expand our reach outside of the United States.

Why we do

We are devoted to the creation of designs for home furnishings focused primarily on ceramic tableware, furniture and decorative accessories. Our broad range of styles include classical, contemporary and modern, to fit consumers of divergent tastes across various cultures in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Working with all of these styles has provided our design team with a special wealth of insights to draw upon as we approach each new creation. 222 Fifth branded products are currently sold through a variety of specialty, boutique, fashion and department stores. We strive to blend beauty, functionality and value into all of our products so that you will feel good about owning them and know that you have made an investment that will perform for many years.

How we do

222 Fifth is a leading brand for fashion tabletop products in the US, currently supplying to Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Target, Pier 1, and many more popular home retailers. In addition to being a front runner in home trend, we also oversee our entire manufacturing process from beginning to end. Over the past twenty years, our factory has blended raw materials to create our own porcelain, stoneware and fine china. We take great pride in craftsmanship throughout the process, from formulating glazes in our own laboratories to producing our own forming molds. The company’s decoration department is second to none in developing original silk screens for printing ceramic transfers that create many unique special effects. Because of our care and oversight of this process, 222 Fifth has become known for diversity, quality of materials, shapes, and decoration.