Guess Who's Officially In Singapore?!

I had the pleasure of speaking to an amazing crowd at Wantedly Singapore’s launch at Red Dot museum just last week. I touched on the working landscape of today’s world, how organizations evolve to meet these changes, and how Wantedly bolsters companies’ chances to find the right motivated talents.

1. Motivation 3.0
As the world evolved from our earliest days as man, to the technological age of today, so have our motivation mechanisms changed. Yet while workforce sentiments gradually shifted, the workplace has struggled to take note of these tremors. Often, many employers are still fixed in the hiring mentality of the old world. It is only in recent years that companies are starting to focus on the issue of employee disenfranchisement - and rightly so!

2. Evolution of Organizational Culture
Today’s workforce is no longer fueled by just money and benefits. Instead, Millennials desire autonomy, mastery, and purpose in the work they do. As an organization, understanding employee motivation is key to performance. The organization’s approaches to its employees, their shared values, and attitudes form the key tenets of its corporate culture. Increasingly and hearteningly, companies are putting more into exploring, creating, and defining a strong culture, each with a unique narrative.

3. The Wantedly Boost
Yet even with a great corporate culture, many companies struggle to find employees who live and breathe its values. Here’s the solution. Employer Branding! This is where our team comes in and helps you by listening to your stories, your problems and your hiring goals. We will help put into words who you are, what you do, what your values are, and why you’re a special place to work at, through our employer branding consulting sessions. We can even arrange photoshoots and video production to showcase your team culture and work environment!

Once all that is done, we digitalize your brand, and spread the word through our online platform and social media, helping you connect to more talents faster and more seamlessly.

We understand that the right people mean coherent company values, higher employee commitment, and better chemistry.

As I conversed with the many people at our launch party (thank you all for coming!), I was incredibly excited for the connections that we make, and the cultures that we shape. Moving forward, we shall be introducing special pricing packages for our corporate clients in 2017. If you would like to kick-start your social hiring process, or are curious and would like to have a chat, connect with me at weiting@wantedly.com! We would love to hear from you.