Best Credit Cards To Earn Club Vistara Points In India

there are several credit cards in India that offer Club Vistara Points as part of their rewards program. However, the availability and terms of credit cards can change over time, so it's essential to check with the respective banks and credit card providers for the most up-to-date information. Here are some credit cards that were known to offer Club Vistara Points:

  • Axis Bank Vistara Credit Cards: Axis Bank offers a range of Vistara co-branded credit cards, such as Axis Bank Vistara Infinite Credit Card, Axis Bank Vistara Signature Credit Card, and Axis Bank Vistara Platinum Credit Card. These cards typically provide accelerated Club Vistara Points earnings on Vistara flight bookings and other spends.
  • SBI Card Vistara Credit Cards: SBI Card also offers co-branded Vistara credit cards, including the SBI Card Elite Vistara Credit Card and the SBI Card Prime Vistara Credit Card. These cards come with features like bonus Club Vistara Points on joining, anniversary benefits, and more.
  • HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card: HDFC Bank's Regalia Credit Card often allows you to transfer your HDFC reward points to Club Vistara Points. The conversion rate may vary, so check the terms and conditions.
  • ICICI Bank Club Vistara Sapphiro Credit Card: ICICI Bank offers a Club Vistara Sapphiro Credit Card, which allows you to earn Club Vistara Points on various spends, including travel and dining.
  • American Express Vistara Credit Cards: American Express has co-branded credit cards with Vistara. These cards typically offer bonus Club Vistara Points upon joining and accelerated earnings on Vistara flights and other categories.
  • Citi PremierMiles Credit Card: While not directly tied to Vistara, the Citi PremierMiles Credit Card allows you to transfer your Citi Miles to multiple airline loyalty programs, including Club Vistara. Check the conversion rates and terms.

Please note that the benefits, annual fees, and terms and conditions of these credit cards may vary, and new cards may have been introduced since my last update. Before applying for any credit card, make sure to review the latest offers and terms provided by the respective banks or credit card issuers. Additionally, consider your spending habits, travel preferences, and financial goals to determine which Best Credit Card your suits your needs.