Factors to Examine Before Applying for Post-graduate in Data Science

The post-pandemic educational system in India has opened its doors to alternative career options. Revolutionizing various public and private sectors with technology has created more job options than before. Data science is such a career option. This subject teaches about data interpretation from a bulk load of information. The subject involves topics from machine learning, machine language, data analysis, and data visualization. The rapid rise in the need for data scientists has accelerated the growth of several institutions that provide diplomas as a post-graduate in data science. This blog will focus on the various elements that should be checked before enrolment.

The modern-day economy has given rise to the need of collecting data to ensure business growth. Multinational companies and businesses have dedicated data storage systems. They look for competent data scientists or analysts to decipher information into accessible data. Therefore, it granted various websites and app-development companies to launch degree & diploma courses in data science. However, it is imperative to explore the subject and its service providers before investing their time and money. The characteristics that should be kept in mind are:

  • Complete research analysis

It is important to perform extensive analysis before approaching such a hugely impactful subject. The subject is in huge demand because of its real-world applications. Various online education providers as well as prestigious institutions offer knowledge of data science in the forms of diplomas, bachelor's degrees, and diploma certifications in post-graduate in data science programs. However, many fake establishments claim to provide top-class education in data science. Online courses benefit students and mid-career professionals with time relaxation. This assists even the busiest individuals to learn data science and set foot on an opportunity of a life with lucrative future aspects.

  • Checking user opinions & reviews

To figure out more about the subject and the online education providers, read and analyze reviews of past users. Apart from checking through the usual ways it is better to check third-party assessment websites, such as G2 or Trustpilot. Also, analyze reviews posted on professional digital platforms, such as Twitter and LinkedIn. It is important to go through the reviews as they can assist in understanding the course quality before spending time and money. Online platforms offering post-graduate in data science should be properly vetted for the quality it claims to provide their users.

  • Analyzing the relevance of the offered curriculum

Before enlisting in online data science programs, it is critical to check the course syllabus. An adequate data science program should fill in essential topics from data visualization, machine learning, and statistical analysis. Both online & offline providers of data science programs should have such courses in their curriculum. Moreover, post-graduate in data science should equip their students with real-life projects so that they can gain hands-on awareness about their responsibilities. Search for courses that should have an extensive topic range and relevant course syllabi. A well-defined syllabus should deliver clear insight into the skills they must acquire for self-improvement.

  • Reviewing faculty & infrastructure

Proper inspection of the faculty history and infrastructure of an institution should be compulsory for choosing the best course module and the institution. Teachers should have the proper credentials and knowledge to deliver world-class knowledge and information. Instructors should be experienced data scientists themselves or should be affiliated with reputed universities. Teachers should have an excellent track record as an educator. Look for courses taught by industry experts. Educators should have deep mastery of the subject to be able to clarify various concepts.

  • Estimated time of course completion

To find a data science course that is a suitable fit, it is essential to check the time duration and flexibility offered by various data science programs. For example, a post-graduate in data science takes a little over a year to complete. Students as well as career professionals should properly vet each course based on their projected time duration and whether these courses are flexibly structured to accommodate even the busiest individuals.

  • Examining placement claims

As mentioned before, there are many fake organizations and web portals that claim to provide the best course materials and infrastructure required for courses such as advanced diplomas and post-graduate in data science courses. However, in reality, they just exercise fraudulent methods to deceive innocent individuals and rob them of their hard-earned money. Web portals with actual affiliation with multinational companies provide placement history and contact information of their alumni and professional reviews from several reputed corporations. Aspirants should contact previous alumni to gather information about their present work-life and ask about the relevance of the subject in real life.