Exploring the various security services offered by Malaysian security guard companies

Malaysia is a country with growing economic status. Multi-million dollar companies and businesses are expanding their reach by making this country their base of operations. Now this creates the opportunity for crime as well. Recent crime rates are proof of this declaration.

To counter this rising threat private security providers have updated their security guard services Malaysia as a whole country has adopted the implementation of specified security features for each occasion or event to have a simplified yet effective security arrangement. In this blog, we will be descriptively discussing these services.

Variety of security guard services

Private security firms have focused their energy on diversifying their security arrangements. Diverse arrangements can help in better planning and execution of that specific security feature. Modern-day security contractors use dogs and technologies to cover any possible security lapses. It is better to be safe than sorry, keeping this proverb in mind these companies have updated their services to a certain extent that it is theoretically impenetrable. Some important security services offered by modern security guard services, Malaysia are as follows:

  1. K-9 security

Military-trained canines or dogs trained according to law enforcement directives are hired with their human handlers for this job role. Dogs are excellent guards and they have the innate ability to sniff out harmful substances and apprehend wrongdoers efficiently. This security detail is assigned to special events and specific requests. They can be used as foot patrols as well as in bodyguard detail. The breeds that are trained to be guard dogs are German shepherds, Rottweilers, Dogo Argentino, and Dobermans. Certified dog trainers are hired by these security companies to train and rehabilitate these dogs and develop them at an early age.

  1. Armed security

Recruits with experience in similar fields and those who are excellent marksmen are assigned to this job role. They are equipped with registered handguns and are instructed to use them as per their order. These security guards are also trained in assault and long-range rifles as well as in non-lethal firearms. Armed security guards are deployed only at their client’s request as it is a dangerous security detail only to be used against armed intrusion. On duty, an armed security guard is equipped with a handgun, ammo, armored vest, comms, and tasers or batons.

3. Unarmed security

Civic security guards or unarmed security guards are guards who remain unarmed during active duty and follow their job roles. These guards are specifically trained in martial arts to counter any threat with hand-to-hand combat. Their job role dictates to help civilians and other guests in having a hassle-free time. They are the extended help offered by security firms to help their clients perform their duties flawlessly. In the business of security guard services, Malaysia sits at the top 3 in terms of providing unarmed security guards. These guards are often seen near railway or metro stations, bus stops, ATMs, banks, private hospitals, and traffic-congested areas.

4. Bodyguard service

Candidates with good physical condition and agility are hired for this role. This job demands staying near the client to counter any imminent threat that may or may not occur. Bodyguards are trained in several security parameters such as arms training, martial arts, gadgets, and emergency evacuation. The K-9 security division also has the clearance to operate alongside the bodyguards to cover up any external security lapses. For private security guard services, Malaysia is the center of their operation and any reputation they gain here is going to benefit them in the long run.

5. Emergency evacuation

This specific feature is only put to use during emergencies. Several moving parts make an emergency response unit. It consists of armored cars, ambulances, and paramedics. Experience in the medical field and excellent driving skills are the necessary criteria for this service. Guards are instructed to contact ERTs in case of emergencies, ERT protocol suggests evacuation of the injured, offering emergency medical aid, high-profile asset evacuation, and emergency medical evacuation. Guards and paramedics remain on standby mode until they are called upon.

Summing Up

Above mentioned are some of the important services offered by private security guard services, Malaysia to be specific. Therefore, if there is a need of hiring security people will know what services to look for in Malaysia.