Prime PG - Which PG has the best food in Bengaluru?

Alright, I can’t talk about the best because food preference changes from person to person coming from a different region. But I can recommend you one of the PGs, who provides homely food.
Prime PGs provides home-cooked food and the food is very delicious. The place is very well maintained and highly hygienic PGs. The staff is very professional and cooperative. PGs are well maintained and they take care of the cleanliness. It Feels like home here and the food tastes homely cooked.

Prime PG Food is More hygienic and More healthy, It also balances our diet. Homemade Food saves a lot of money and time rather than eating outside food. With this option, you can also save time and money.
In Prime PG you will be getting fresh food every day according to the menu, In Our country, most of the people are foodies persons, Because of that prime PG is providing Delicious food, Here you can also get seasonal food according to the seasons