Top 10 Android App Development Trends to Look Out for in 2021

Android OS rules the smartphone market with over 85% of the share worldwide. From entrepreneurs to individuals, everyone wants to make the most from the growing popularity of Android. But, if you want to build an Android app, you need to consider changing market trends and intensifying competition. Google Play Store has over 3 million apps available for download, and chances are high that your app will find similar apps on Google Play.

In such a competitive situation, it is better to consult a reputed Android app development company to build a unique and user-friendly app. The mobile app development domain is thriving with advancing technology, and your upcoming Android app should have the latest and innovative features to stay ahead of the curve. Here we are going to discuss the top ten Android app development trends for 2021 that will help you provide an improved user experience.

Top Ten Technology Trends for Android App Development in 2021

  • Blockchain

Be it making online transactions secure or enabling app users to transact in cryptocurrency, blockchain technology has proven its importance in the mobile app development domain. A PwC survey has revealed that as many as 84% of companies are engaged in Blockchain technologies globally. In the coming years, this revolutionary technology will remain useful for enhancing security in the apps for various sectors like real estate, healthcare, and retail.

  • AI and Machine Learning

In the age of cloud-based apps, AI app development enables enterprises to leverage the benefits of thriving Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML) technologies. AI models can easily augment regular procedures and bring automation to various business processes. In the coming time, AI and ML will be penetrated more in the mobile app development domain.

  • Chatbots

Chatbots and voice assistants have already secured their places in enterprise apps. Chatbots are available for resolving the customer’s queries and interacting with them in a humanlike manner on a 24/7 basis. Google Assistant has also taken the user experience to a new level, and we will see more apps will chatbots and voice assistants in the year 2021.

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