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Thoughts after Graduating

Graduating from University might be the most liberating feeling. It feels like you have gone through it all, dreadful hours of research and writing, late nights with only 4 hours (or lesser) of sleep. I told myself, "I finally did it.". Have I really did it?

University was competitive, not just in terms of grades, but it was more like trying to prove that you are better than everyone else. This was why I took a step back and did things at my own pace. I told myself that it didn't matter if I didn't do internships. It was not a big deal. I told myself that I simply had to graduate and look for a job– because it seems like the easiest thing to do, but I was wrong. Although I pulled through, I felt lost and unsure of my next steps. Job hunting has been difficult for me, especially since I have no idea what I want or what I am good at. If I could turn back time right now, I would definitely have told myself to go out there and take the opportunity to try new things.

I wished someone had told me to "try new things" in an earlier stage of my life. A part of me is always afraid of failure but when I try, I come to realise how much I enjoy things. In my process of looking for jobs, I am hoping to be able to learn, grow, and discover my strengths.

Though I did not do any internships, I did take on a lot of jobs that were people-facing. My biggest takeaway was the sense of accomplishment after knowing that my small efforts and gestures could make a difference in their day. I have also learned from my school projects that I like getting involved in thinking creatively and making things happened. In my last semester, my teammates and I filmed a video about the National Gallery Singapore. Coming up with ideas and planning for the videos was a process I enjoyed. Attending University has given me given a great foundation of skill sets like writing and critical thinking. These are the skills I can bring to the table and hopefully become better in the process.