i am an ENFJ. a polyglot. a storyteller.​i have the wanderlust genes. a passion for people. an eye for details.​

Helping others has always been my passion. Hence, why I was in law enforcement for 11 years. The coffee was great (and so were the doughnuts), but my main desire was to make a difference by being a voice that stood out from the noise.

Because every person has a story to tell and some of these stories deserve to be heard. That’s when I realized that the pen is mightier than the sword. (Or in this case, the keyboard’s mightier than the revolver.)

​I took a sabbatical and pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Communications Media Studies (2014) with Murdoch University. I eventually left law enforcement to find opportunities for growth as a communicator.

In that time, I freelanced as a writer and volunteered with a few NGOs and NPOs to create social media awareness for their causes and charity events.