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Hostel Staff
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Welcome & Help Travelers with Smile!


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What we do


Located in Tokyo Higashi-Nihonbashi, we runs a guesthouse called “Planetyze Hostel” for travelers around the world. ( )

With 10 floors building operating accommodation for 104 people, we also serve cafe bar service on the first floor.

Concept of our guesthouse is to “Look for your Next Destination in Japan from here!”

We provide online guidebook “Planetyze ( )” to introduce tourism information covered 47 prefectures in Japan through Touch Panel with giant screen display. Through providing tour information to customers such as long-term backpackers from Europe and USA, we look forward to attract travelers to discover more hidden beauty of local areas in Japan.

座落於東京東日本橋的青年旅舍“Planetyze Hostel”(。

Why we do

  • Featured in TV
  • Featured in TV

Number of foreign visitors from abroad increase rapidly, currently most of the visitors are traveling focusing in golden route (Tokyo- Kyoto -Hiroshima).

However, Japan has more hidden beauty to offer to foreigners! It would be a pity just because of lack of information. We would like to provide our assistance to backpackers who may have not yet finalized their tour plan. Through more local tourism information, let them discover the hidden beauty of local areas in Japan!


How we do

Hostel full-time staff are from Taiwan, Thailand, Brazil and USA. Cleaning staff are from Philippines, China, Vietnam, India and Nepal. IT Department staff comes from Argentina, UK, Brazil, Thailand and Taiwan. Come join us and work in a culturally diverse environment!



In February 2017, we started a 10 story guest house in Higashi Nihonbashi (Tokyo) with a maximum capacity of 104 people!
We aim to create a new type of accommodation, connected to our already existing web services for foreigners visiting Japan.
Come and join us in creating a new type of accommodation and experience.

*********Job Opening*******
Full time Staff (front desk/ café )
A radiant smile and high communication skills
Working Holiday visa is welcome!

This is our first attempt at managing a guest house, so everything will be a learn as you go along situation. We’re looking for people who’ll enjoy this learning experience with us.

If this guest house is a success, we’ll be looking into creating a second or third site. The startup members will be considered for managerial positions in these second or third sites. For somebody who’s thinking of starting a guest house in the future, this is a big opportunity.

We look forward to your application!

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  • Welcome & Help Travelers with Smile!