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We’re on the hunt for a challenge-seeking Product Manager for our client-facing Platforms!

Fundnel Group

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What we do

Fundnel is Southeast Asia’s largest private investment technology platform, building next-generation capital markets infrastructure to increase access and liquidity for entrepreneurs and investors.

At the core of our deal-making expertise lie our proprietary algorithms that syndicate opportunities in private companies and PE/VC funds to our network of strategic investors. This, coupled with the expertise of our investments team, has led us to uncover more than USD6 billion worth of deals for over 14,000 accredited investors from across the globe.

Why we do

By augmenting access and liquidity for entrepreneurs and investors, we accelerate the creation of innovative solutions that will go on to impact our communities and societies at large.

How we do

We are headquartered in Singapore with a growing presence in 4 countries across the Asia Pacific region.

We believe it takes more than commitment to build the most accessible and efficient capital markets. Below are the four beliefs and attitudes that are our non-negotiables — components that make up the DNA of the Fundnel team:
- Forward
- Fortitude
- Family
- For our Future

As a new team member

We’re on the hunt for a challenge-seeking Product Manager, focused specifically on our client-facing Platforms, with an uncompromising customer-first mindset.

To solve for the fragmented and barrier-prone nature of private markets, we are building an ecosystem that seamlessly connects our investors, fundraisers and partners and guides each group through their respective journeys with minimal friction. The Platforms Team sits at the customer-facing interface of this ecosystem and ensures that our end users have the best possible experience with the products and services we provide them.

As the product visionary and key stakeholder of our Platforms Team, you will be working across our business, particularly with marketing/growth, investments, and front-end engineering, to plan user experiences that challenge the traditional, often manual ways in which private markets operate. You will take a pragmatic approach that matches the correct technology platform (mobile, web, no-code, etc.) with our targeted segments and the problems being solved. You are data-driven and know how to effectively identify and prioritize product iterations, ensuring every effort is measured against quantifiable metrics.

We’re doing something that has never been done before, so we know we won’t get it right all of the time. An experimental mindset is key to success in this role, as is a product strategy that can adjust quickly to changing customer preferences and rapidly evolving financial market realities.

What you’ll be doing:
- Developing strong relationships and an in-depth knowledge across all of our departments and business functions
- Working closely with your engineering peers to develop requirements and coordinate the Platforms Team’s agile sprint process
- Getting hands-on where necessary in our tooling, particularly the no-code platforms we use to supplement our coded applications
- In close collaboration with our Director of Product and executive team, help to define how the Platforms roadmap fits in with our overall product strategy
- Work closely with our Data team to ensure Platforms projects collect the information we need to continuously improve our client experience
- Thinking abstractly about our products, markets and segments to formulate adaptable solutions that work for today and for tomorrow
- Keeping our regulatory obligations front-of-mind through working closely with your legal & compliance colleagues and staying abreast of legislation in the regions in which we operate.

What you’ll need to bring:
- An ability to map requirements to products that may span multiple platforms
- Experience working in an agile software development team, writing product requirements, with consideration given to security, data and testing implications
- Understanding of different user and market research methodologies
- Customer-obsession, understanding the value of focus and knowing that the product is always evolving
- Bias toward action with a focus on fast iterations and thinking in terms of experiments and learning
- Track record of building products that people love, working closely with Engineering and Design to drive product discovery and development in highly technical fields
- Proven ability to make smart decisions versus time-to-market trade-offs, defining success as customer impact and not just feature delivery
- Experience working closely with external partners and vendors
- A strong sense of pragmatism and prioritization, moving toward an ambitious big picture in small, iterative steps
- Some knowledge of financial services, investments in particular, although you by no means need to be an expert (we’ve got several of those you can learn from!)

Some nice-to-haves!
- Financial services, particularly the investment space
- Passion for the intersection of design and data
- Working experience in both startups and corporates (we’re a bit of both!)
- An appreciation for experimentation and designing systems/processes that accommodate business and technical agility
- Food! We talk about it a lot :)

With our flexible working environment, you'll have the opportunity to be part of a passionate team building next-generation capital markets infrastructure while accelerating the creation of innovative solutions. Click on "I'm Interested" to apply now!

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  • About Fundnel Group
    We’re on the hunt for a challenge-seeking Product Manager for our client-facing Platforms!