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Dish out fresh seafood from our seaside restaurant in Sentosa as our Sous Chef!

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  • Ahoy matey! My name is Li Qing, the marketing executive of our humble restaurants. If you're keen on joining an energetic team for the thrill of delivering outstanding dining experiences, hit us up and let's schedule an interview.

What we do

There’s something wonderfully satisfying about eating foods from the sea – cracking through claw, slurping shell and savouring the freshest catch of the day.

A retailer and family-run restaurant serving fresh western-style seafood cuisine, Greenwood Fish Market has become a roll off the tongue household name within the Greenwood Avenue community.

Established in 2003, the restaurant stays true to its humble beginnings of offering value to the table and is the go-to destination for your seafood fix. Chargrilled dishes from the menu have an undeniably unique flavour profile, attributed to the charcoal-applewood blend used in our custom designed wood-fire griller from Australia; bread is also freshly baked before each service.

The family is passionate about deep sea fishing, traveling to exotic seafood farms and also lives and breathes hospitality being in the business for almost 20 years. Guests can also expect a wide selection of the freshest catch of the day - up to 30 varieties to choose from.

"It all started with one fish", as founder David Lee says. Particularly, a barramundi in his Honda Civic about 20 or so years ago.

Starting out as a seafood wholesaler, Mr Lee drove from client to client in search of buyers. After many barramundis and even more car fresheners, Greenwood Fish Market began in 2003. Now a family-run seafood restaurant and fish market, we specialise in cold water seafood with a range that's a tad different from the local scene. From giant halibuts to elusive monkfish, we even carry a collection of over 25 oysters.

Our supply spans Canada, Holland, America, New Zealand, Australia and South Korea. Mostly, from friends-turned-suppliers: Tommy from Korea was our Jeju tour guide before he started sending us seafood. The Wong family in Alaska had been our B&B hosts. Now, they send us hand-caught salmon every season. The list goes on.

Why we do

We love seafood.
There’s something so incredibly satisfying about eating seafood – the complex, rich umami that graces the tongue after cracking through claws and shells is irreplaceable. Our love for seafood culminated into a mission to be a seafood supplier that brings quality seafood to the table, from all-time favourites to rare varieties that you don’t see every day. Seafood is best enjoyed fresh and that’s the only way we’ll serve it.

We’re more than a fish market.
We keep our seafood beds chock full of the freshest catch so that you’ll never run out of options. From giant halibuts to the elusive monkfish, you can come to us when you can’t find what you want at your local fish market in Singapore. These products are available for purchase at our wholesale seafood market or as dine-in orders in our restaurant. Better yet, let us go to you! Browse through our online catalogue and leverage our islandwide delivery services to have some fresh seafoods delivered right to your door.

We’re a restaurant.
A seafood connoisseur through and through, we wish to give you a taste of the magic that is fresh seafood combined with top-tier culinary craftsmanship. Savour refined Western, Asian and Japanese Cuisine with the same fresh seafood that you know and love. Top it off with crisp wine, a beautiful view of the sea and your seafood dining experience is made. Come on in and let us take you on an unforgettable seafood gastronomic adventure!

How we do

We’re a family.
We’re passionate about fishing, soaking up some good old sea breeze and also, travelling to source for even more seafood. As the saying goes, ‘we are all on a seafood diet, we see food and we eat it!

So, thanks for being a part of our fishy family. We're a crazy bunch of fishermen - nothing gets us more excited than sharing about our love for the sea.

Stay kick-bass awesome. We hope to see you reel soon.

As a new team member


- Effectively manage the kitchen operations to ensure correct standards and procedures are followed in the daily food preparation
- Consistently monitor food quality and quantity to ensure profit margins are maintained and operating budgets adhered through effective control systems
- Responsible for overseeing the cleanliness, hygiene and maintenance of the kitchen and ensure compliance with all applicable food safety and regulations
- Exhibit culinary talent and expertise by performing tasks while leading and coaching the staff and managing all food related production.


- Singaporeans and PRs only
- Has at least 2 years of relevant working experience in F&B establishments of a similar niche
- Understanding of basic food hygiene practices
- A team player with good and effective communication and interpersonal skills
- Adaptability to change and willingness to embrace new ideas and processes
- Ability to work unsupervised and deliver quality work.

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Dish out fresh seafood from our seaside restaurant in Sentosa as our Sous Chef!
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