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Enter the world of Gastronomy & Wine, a unique opportunity for career growth in the F&B industry!

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What we do

The Wine Advocate has traditionally been a bi-monthly publication and Robert Parker Wine Advocate continues this tradition, although we now publish articles and reviews every week. At our core, we publish regionally focused reports, which mainly offer wine reviews of new wine releases, but we also produce important vintage retrospectives and occasionally single-label verticals and producer profiles.

Why we do

Until 2002, The Wine Advocate was exclusively available in print format and available only to subscribers. While we still operate a subscriber-only model, in 2002 we launched our highly successful eRobertParker.com website, which has since become simply RobertParker.com.

Since 2019, Robert Parker Wine Advocate has been a wholly owned subsidiary of the Michelin Group.

Key RobertParker.com features include:
- An online database housing over 450,000 Wine Reviews and Ratings—more than any other wine reviews website!
- Reviews of wines from more than 25 different countries and over 500 different regions around the wine world.
- Instant online access to every Wine Advocate / Robert Parker Wine Advocate issue dating back to 1992.
- Fast access to the most up-to-date reviews on new wine releases and older vintages produced by our team of renowned, unbiased regional wine authorities, each of whom works exclusively for Robert Parker Wine Advocate.
- The most flexible and robust Wine Reviews and Articles search capabilities of any wine criticism website

Our “Advanced Search” capabilities allow subscribers to search our database with unrivaled precision and ease, utilizing more filters than any other wine reviews database, including by: Vintage, Author, Issue, Article, Region, Producer, Wine Type, Color, Sweetness, Rating and Price.

Our incredibly refined Regional searches allow users to filter across up to five regional levels—more than any other wine reviews database—and encompassing wines.

Access to our RP Cellar management tool and our famous Vintage Guide, plus much, much more!
The number of wine reviews published on our RobertParker.com website every month varies, ranging from 2,000 to 6,000+, depending on the Editorial Calendar for that month. The Editorial Calendar looks to include the whole world of wine regions, which is indeed a tall order. Most of the major wine regions of the world are covered annually, although some smaller regions will be reviewed every two to three years. The Wine Advocate Editorial Calendar is available to view online in the Resources section of our website.

We now also offer smaller, online-only issues in between our regularly scheduled monthly issues. This offers our readers even more timely access to tasting notes of newly released wines.

How we do

For many years the only reviewer for The Wine Advocate was Robert Parker. But as the wine world has grown significantly over the last 40 years, Robert Parker Wine Advocate has expanded its scope, now employing nine full-time reviewers to comprehensively cover every major region of the world of wine.

Our reviewer team consists of hand-picked individuals who sit at the very pinnacle of wine tasting experience, knowledge and talent for their regions of responsibility. Each and every member of our team of critics is bound within their employee contracts to our strict code of ethics, to insure their impartiality with regards to the reviews and tasting notes they produce.

The review team is monitored and guided by our Editor-in-Chief, Lisa Perrotti-Brown MW. She ensures the caliber of all reviews meets The Wine Advocate’s very high standard, and that the timeliness and comprehensiveness of the reports is maintained. She also ensures consistency of tasting notes and scoring across a broad range of wine regions and styles.

Collectively our reviewer team now produces around 30,000 new wine reviews every year.

As a new team member

In view of opening a new headcount in a near future, we currently looking for an Intern/Executive profile to take care of the following admin/operational tasks:
- Coordinating with wine merchants (email + phone) for their registration to our promotion campaign (partners onboarding process)
- Coordinating with wine merchants their usage of our communication supports (campaign execution)
- Monitoring progress of wine merchants campaigns and follow-up with them (feedback and motivation)
- Monitoring events invitations sent out to sommeliers and F&B buyers (onboarding process)
- Coordinating with event exhibitors the usage of their event invitations (guest list management)
- Updating website

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Enter the world of Gastronomy & Wine, a unique opportunity for career growth in the F&B industry!
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