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Keen to develop high quality software? Looking for our most senior technical contributor at Fundnel!

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What we do

Fundnel is one of Southeast Asia’s largest private investment technology platform, building next-generation capital markets infrastructure to increase access and liquidity for entrepreneurs and investors.

Since 2016, we have raised over USD540 million for private companies and funds, and expanded our footprint from our headquarters in Singapore to Malaysia, Indonesia and India. In 2021, we were recognised by Financial Times as the 107th fastest growing company in Asia Pacific, Fintech of the Year by The Asset's Triple A Digital Awards, and 21st fastest growing company in Singapore by The Straits Times.

Why we do

By expanding access and liquidity for entrepreneurs and investors, we accelerate the creation of innovative solutions that will go on to impact our communities and societies at large.

We help our network of accredited investors — including angels, family offices, venture capital, funds — uncover opportunities to invest in the most promising private companies and funds in the world.

Our award-winning platform is driven by proprietary algorithms that screen opportunities in private companies and PE/VC funds to assess funding viability. This, coupled with the expertise of our investments team, equips us with the ability to syndicate each deal to the most strategic investors with the corresponding mandates.

How we do

Fundnel is building the future of private capital markets. Traditionally a space only for the wealthy and well-connected, we believe in a future where private markets are more accessible to investors and fundraisers. By leveling the playing field we hope to create a more equitable economy, where inspiring companies are connected to inspired investors, whoever and wherever they are.
Leveraging our trusted brand, global networks and incredible team, we’re building a technology- enabled ecosystem that is as diverse and dynamic as our investor network. As we progress on this ambitious journey, we’re looking for energetic and creative people to support and leave their mark on our platform.
We are innovative and fast-paced, but the security of our investors and fundraisers is paramount in everything we do. As our Principal, compliance and risk assessment will be front- of-mind while designing and implementing our technology architectures.
We’re a supportive, social, and entrepreneurial team of former investment bankers, technologists and strategists. Clear, honest communication is key to everything we do.

As a new team member

As our Principal Software Engineer and most senior technical contributor, you will be designing, developing and iterating on the core foundations of our platform at Fundnel.

The sorts of things you’ll be doing:
- Working across our engineering and data teams to design, implement and advise on software architecture
- Overseeing our cloud infrastructure strategy, ensuring we are making the best use of new and existing cloud services in terms of security, efficiency and scalability
- Helping the team select the tooling, frameworks and processes that will help us maximize delivery while minimizing code
- Defining and evolving our data domains, in close collaboration with both our data and product teams
- Establishing secure and robust interfaces with our vendors and partners
- Keeping up to date with the latest in tooling and industry best practice, ensuring that we’re constantly discussing, evaluating and implementing the best
- In collaboration with the CTO and our entire team, help set the practices and mindsets that define our technology culture

As our Principal Engineer we are hoping you will bring significant experience (7+ years overall as an IC) to the team in most or all of the following:
- Service-oriented, API-driven architectures
- Cloud infrastructure and security, ideally AWS but any major cloud provider will do
- Serverless architectures
- A variety of OO and functionally-oriented languages. We aren’t tied to anything specific but at present you’ll find a lot of JavaScript/Node and Python in our stack
- Security and performance testing and auditing, both at the code and infrastructure level
- API design and specification (Swagger/OpenAPI, etc.)
- Containerization and image management (Docker, etc.)
- Best practices around robust CI/CD pipelines
- A variety of modern database solutions, both relational and non-relational, and when to use them
- Data domain modelling
- Workflow engines, such as Apache Airflow

Beyond the technology, we also hope you’ve got some level of experience, or at least interest, in:
- Financial services, particularly the investment space
- Both startup and corporate-type working environments (we’re a bit of both!)
- An appreciation for experimentation and designing systems/processes that accommodate business and technical agility
- Food! We talk about it a lot :)

As an established technology professional with deep experience in both software architecture and its growing interdependence with cloud infrastructure, you will have the autonomy to make the key decisions that will ensure we can scale the business while facilitating a culture of experimentation and adaptability.
Although this role has a significant hands-on component, we are looking for a Principal who can work closely with each member of our technology and product teams to pragmatically map business requirements to technical solutions, and to collaboratively determine standards and best practices that will benefit our platform and our team members well into the future.

The successful candidate will be able to ensure legal compliance and limit risk exposure for our company. If this sounds like a role that you would enjoy, click on "I'm Interested" to join our expanding team. We're excited to meet you!

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    Keen to develop high quality software? Looking for our most senior technical contributor at Fundnel!
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