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Drive the development of first-class content as our Content Strategist at AKIN!


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What we do


AKIN designs marketing strategies for a restless digital generation. Positioned at the intersection of data, creative design and contemporary culture, our unique approach to marketing delivers real business impact. AKIN uncovers consumer and cultural truths to help brands articulate their purpose.

We design impact-driven marketing campaigns based on data and sound analysis. With a tech-first mindset, we build digital solutions that bring you closer to your audiences. Above all, our goal is to help brands nurture consumer relationships that will stand the test of time.

Why we do

Our mission is to build a world of human brands. Being human is at the heart of everything we do.

AKÏN’s vision has always been to build a world of human brands. We think it’s high time businesses prioritise building meaningful relationships with their consumers.

Being human is at the very core of our work. Our team of marketers, creatives, researchers and techies work cross-functionally to solve business challenges in ways that reflect an understanding of the human experience.

As consultants, we’re not afraid to dig deep and ask “why”. Our incisive approach helps brands articulate their purpose and positions them for long-term success.

We complement this by being relentlessly data-informed. Data is a medium for us to learn about human behaviour. Beyond driving performance, our success lies in taking an ethnographic lens to data, using consumer and cultural insights to create effective brand stories.

Positioned at the intersection of data, creative design and contemporary culture, our unique approach to marketing delivers real business impact. Our philosophy of focusing on humans before business, and on relationships before profit, is the bedrock of our success.

Above all, we’re interested in helping brands nurture consumer relationships that stand the test of time.

How we do

Client success is our top priority. We believe that our clients’ problems are ours to own and solve, together. We co-create solutions with clients by taking a brief apart and building a new one, together. We’re deeply committed to building long-term relationships with our clients and partners. We don’t just pass the buck after the work is done — we impart critical skills and share our expertise with our clients, creating sustainable, future-proof solutions for their unique business challenges.

We understand that our success is built upon a talented team of believers. We commit to developing our talent and grooming them personally and professionally. From structured coaching programmes to well-stocked pantries, no effort is spared in keeping AKIN folk motivated and happy.

As a new team member

As a content lead, your main role would be to work in tandem with our design lead and team in the creation of ideas, to inspire the development of first-class content. You’ll be in tune with current trends in marketing and various industries, and ensure that the creative team is up to date in its production of relevant and relatable content for the brands we work with. You will oversee the creative production of those within your charge, keeping our team and project executions in sync, from concept through to completion, and to ensure quality and efficiencies of work. Ultimately, you would be overseeing all marketing content initiatives to ensure customer engagement, brand consistency for a cohesive brand experience in accordance with our client’s goals.

Your work will also require oversight of activities of the content department, topic generation and working with various accounts to envisage and create a brand-relevant experience for audiences through content. As a content strategist / lead, you’ll be expected to have the in-depth expertise in your specialisation, as well as broad visions across the various disciplines to enable in your content and creative strategy, to understand how it influences the overall strategic calls. Therefore, you would be required to pick-up business understanding and have the acumen to understand the principles of KPIs and ROIs; an understanding of martech, branding and marketing strategies.

This levels require mid-level responsibilities i.e. it will require you to work closely with the internal leadership and stakeholders to drive all team initiatives to completion.

- Starting from the role as a content strategist, there will be expectations to run the team independently, to defend and increase our revenue (for owned accounts or scope), and to assist in broader team and business management.

- You would be expected to take on ownership with the company that are more creative focused e.g. branding projects. As a content strategist, independence and ownership of projects will be expected. As you grow towards the role of a lead, you’ll be groomed to take on broader team and business management. There will be assigned KPIs to measure this, which will be a measure to your performance and understand your potential in the role (note: soft skills are as valued and important as hard skills).

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  • Drive the development of first-class content as our Content Strategist at AKIN!