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Join our efforts to drive Smart City projects at Aptiv8 IT Solutions as a BIM QA/QC Engineer!

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What we do

Aptiv8 IT Solutions is a Singapore-based IT Solutions provider helping clients in the built environment to digitalize their assets, business processes and operations. We offer industry leading solutions for Smart Construction, Smart integrated Facility Management and other Smart City Projects. We specialized in providing integrated IT products and services.

We are listed as one of the Top 50 vendors of Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) Singapore under the SMEs Go Digital initiative. The objective is to encourage and enable companies to adopt information technology (IT) to improve their businesses.

Most importantly, we are also an ISO 19650 & PAS 1192 compliant company.

Why we do

At Aptiv8 IT Solutions, we offer industry leading solutions to offer to Smart Construction and Smart City projects.

In addition, we have 150 project implementation & support personnel located in SEA, Asia Pacific & Middle East supported by various partners in various regional offices.

In terms of manpower, we have 350 BIM related engineers operating in Asia supported by various partners in various regional offices. Additionally, our IT team consists of 100 developers.

How we do

Aptiv8 IT Solutions aims to be your primary choice regardless of your IT solutions requirements.

As a new team member

1. Prepare site planning, road map, AIR & room list to carry out the on-site survey for the critical assets and rooms.
2. Perform on-site survey & photo taking for the critical assets & rooms and verify AIR & room information.
3. Update AIR & room information based on the on-site survey, photo taking, equipment list and As-built drawings.
4. Create site survey photo gallery for the critical assets and rooms according to specified folder structure.
5. Prepare BIM object library models to LOD 500 standard for the assigned projects.
6. Perform BIM model QA/QC checks using QA/QC checklist and automation software (Solibri) to verify the BIM models are aligned with tender requirements and according to BIM Standards such as colour code, naming convention, etc.
7. Perform data input QA/QC checks on BIM models to verify the information input in the BIM models is aligned with AIR & room information.
8. Prepare UDS model from the final BIM model to ensure UDS models with proper upstream and downstream connections.
9. Prepare tenant model from the final BIM model to ensure tenant models with proper tenant information.
10. Perform UDS model & tenant model QA/QC checks according to QA/QC checklist.
11. Perform site verification on the final BIM models, UDS models and tenant models aligned with the on-site condition.
12. Prepare AIR datasheets, room data sheets, UDS datasheets, O&M manual, As-built layout drawings.
13. Export BIM Models to DWF format for final BIM models, UDS models & tenant models and layout drawings to DWG format.
14. Prepare documents for QR code printing from DFAMP & generate Audit Report for final submission.

Other Responsibilities:
- Assist BIM Manager, prepare and update the progress development of BIM models.
- To verify BIM models meet the requirements described in both the BEP and the specification of projects.
- Conduct BIM models validation and incorporating As-built and commissioning information into the Asset Information Model (AIM).
- Assure the BIM family objects are in the correct family categories and LOD 500 standard by using the Kinship tool.
- Handle and work with the BIM360 platform to work, synchronize, publish, share & consume BIM models & other project files.
- Assist BIM Manager, generate necessary reports from Revit, Solibri, Kinship, BIM360, ReCap, QA/QC checklists, etc., for confirmation.
- Provide weekly update on the “Daily timesheet & Project tracking” for review & approval.
- Assist and perform other BIM tasks assigned by the BIM & QA/QC Managers.

a) Minimum Diploma qualification (preferably Mechanical) with at least 2 years of BIM experience for the BIM Staff to perform the tasks as mentioned in the responsibilities.
b) Full-time staff with 5-days work, also required site visits to assigned projects.
c) Can start work as soon as possible
d) Can commit at least 1-year on project assignment

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Join our efforts to drive Smart City projects at Aptiv8 IT Solutions as a BIM QA/QC Engineer!
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