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Internship Opportunity: HGX is looking for highly motivated business undergraduates to join our BD team!

Hg Exchange

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What we do

Hg Exchange (HGX) is a private exchange formed by an alliance of leading financial intermediaries, individually licensed and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Our technology infrastructure is underpinned by advanced blockchain technology and proven exchange solutions to enable secure and efficient cross-border listing and trading of both digital and non-digital capital market products.

Why we do

The very first stock exchange was founded in the 1900s. It was member-owned and self-regulated. Over time, it evolved to what we are familiar with today — stock exchanges are private entities driven by profit.

As a consortium-led private exchange, we take a bottom-up approach to build the Exchange of the Future. By uniting financial institutions, broker-dealers, corporate finance advisors, and other leading capital markets entities, HGX offers the most comprehensive network for buyers and sellers in the ecosystem.

Our mission is to create an equitable trading platform by bringing operational transparency, fair competition and cost-efficiency to the private capital markets.

How we do

The story behind our name:
Hg is the elemental symbol for Mercury.

Mercury is the sole metallic element that is liquid at standard conditions for temperature and pressure. It is utilised in thermometers for its trustworthiness and reliability – drawing a parallel to the fundamental ethos of the exchange.

Mercury also refers to the Roman deity who was the messenger to the gods – akin to the role of the exchange which bridges the gap between buyers and sellers to facilitate trade.

As a new team member

We are looking for a highly motivated and passionate individual to join Hg Exchange, as a Business Development Intern to promote HGX as the exchange-of-choice for the Private Capital Markets. The successful candidate will build and maintain key stakeholder relationships with institutional participants, brokerage houses, market makers, and prospects.

The candidate will also manage and execute branding and marketing efforts to build and strengthen our HGX brand, helping run a broad number of projects spanning member acquisition and engagement to new business initiatives and listings on the Exchange.

Roles & Responsibilities:
- Create and deliver presentations, to engage with other potential and existing partners and coordinate with HGX members to drive the marketplace and trading ecosystem
- Maintain up-to-date knowledge of competitive landscape and industry developments to identify commercial opportunities
- Oversee, execute and track branding and marketing activities, including events and conferences, as well as management of marketing-related collateral and documents, etc.
- Lead and support other projects and activities that may be required from time-to-time including management of internal corporate processes and operations and related documentation

Skills & Experience Required:
- University undergraduate, preferably with a bachelor’s degree in business
- Solid presentation skills, both oral and written, with competence in preparing and delivering presentations
- Able to multitask, handle additional roles and work independently in a time-sensitive environment
- Passionate about finance, trading and blockchain technology

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Intern Life at Hg Exchange!

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