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A brand new office deserves a brand new office manager! Be part of our growing team!


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  • I am the head of talent at TotallyAwesome, certified ICF PCC Executive and Leadership Coach, NED. Former CEO of Grace Blue, and Chief Talent Officer for McCann, WPP, and Ogilvy Asia.

    I have 25 years of Human Resources and Talent Acquisition/Recruitment experience across Asia and increasing Consu...

What we do

Totally Awesome is one of the world’s most advanced forum for brands engaging kids, teens and families, to safely interact across thousands of apps, games and websites. We enable a kid-safe ecosystem with more than 300 million monthly active users across APAC. We adhere to and support international governments’ most advanced regulations protecting kids’ data privacy. We do this through the deployment of bespoke technology designed specifically to offer kids contextual and customised content through age-appropriate engagement.

The TotallyAwesome kids metaverse reaches over 300 million kids monthly across desktop, mobile and online video. We are headquartered is in Singapore, with offices in Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines and Vietnam.

Why we do

The online landscape is more like a wild jungle when it comes to children. At TotallyAwesome, we clear away online risks and build reliable paths that allow young kids and teens to safely explore their curiosities. Along the way, we invite a select set of brands to join the journey, and together we engage with children in a fun and responsible way.

Totally’s role is to champion the needs, desires and aspirations of young audiences because past success has shown that creating a safe, supportive, and fun digital world to grow up in happens to be also entirely in the interests of brands and bottom lines.

How we do

The internet can be dangerous for kids. Good thing we have a solution.

170,000 kids are clicking into the internet for the first time every day. Yes, every day! The risks are real and something we combat every minute of every day. With a blend of our sophisticated A.I. and human oversight we have built a platform that keeps younger audiences safe, parents happy and brand ROIs robust.

As a new team member

We are looking for an Executive Assistant and Office Manager who is energetic, highly organized, passionate about our craft and is highly responsive. You will work closely with a diverse group of stakeholders.

You will be supporting the Senior Leadership Team in TotallyAwesome with a variety of management styles, as well as managing office suppliers and vendors. People appreciate your ability to be resourceful in the face of ambiguity and to find solutions on your own.

Working hour: Flexible hours, Monday – Friday

How will YOU contribute to the Team?

Executive Assistant duties:
- Making and accepting phone calls; sending memos, emails, and letters on behalf of the executive; receiving visitors; handling scheduling; and more.
- Also act as gatekeepers, making decisions about who gets access to the CEO and what information the executive receives.

Office Administrator:
- Being a contact point between the company with the Government (IRAS, MOH, MOM survey, reports) and other parties.
- Take ownership of all general daily office management including organizing cleaning staff, office supplies and stationery, refreshments, and snacks, etc.
- Tracking office budget for pantry orders
- Looking for handyman service to fix office equipment (light, electric, doors) when it has problem.
- Manage office networks and ensure it is work well (Internet, Wifi, GG cast, Speaker, camera)
- Update office inventory (labeling office items, check and update quarterly)
- Filing banking documents and other docs from Government (letter from IRAS, MOM, MOH, SG Grant) and suppliers.
- Send SG office invoices to Finance monthly and file the hard copy in SG office.
- In charge of travel arrangements for the Senior Leadership Team (hotel, flight booking)
- Collect letter box and distribute it to other recipients in SG office
- Work with audit partner and Finance on legal documents when needed
- Liaise with person in charge of office building when needed
- Work with HR to coordinate SG team activities.
- Order name card for newcomers
- Prepare onboarding kit for newcomer in SG office.

Do YOU have what it takes to succeed?
- Strong interpersonal, team-building and people skills; a team player able to establish and build partnerships with all levels of management and business partners
- A highly organized and meticulous multi-tasker
- A resourceful, flexible problem-solver
- An independent worker who is also great at being part of a team
- Tech savvy, experience with productivity tools and applications such as Microsoft office.

At TotallyAwesome, we work together to give everyone the power to share their story, explore what they love, and connect with one another in the process. In our culture, you are encouraged to:
Be more AWESOME than you were yesterday
Be BRAVE, experiment, learn and share experiences
Be ACCOUNTABLE and get stuff done
Be INNOVATIVE, think big, find the game changer

Our people are at the heart of what we do at TotallyAwesome and the driving force behind our growth and success. We value our culture as the lifeblood of our business and work hard every day to maintain this as we continue to grow and scale our team. We believe in offering opportunities to learn and grow every day and we’ve got a strong track record in developing great people.

We are proud to be an equal opportunity workplace. We review job applications without regard to their race, color, religion, gender identity, national origin, citizenship, age, marital status.

Finally, we are a team of passionate experts. We are not just leading in this industry, we are defining it.

- You are a self-starter, independent and problem solver
- You consider yourself a high-performance personality
- Understand what it means to deliver excellence
- Good sense of humor and ability to stay calm under pressure
- Well-organized with excellent communication and time management skills.

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170,000 kids are clicking into the internet for the first time every day. Yes, every day!
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  • A brand new office deserves a brand new office manager! Be part of our growing team!