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Unique Data Science/AI Opportunity in a rapidly-growing property startup!

Soho Property Pte Ltd

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  • Serial entrepreneur having raised $100M+ for past ventures including Airtasker.com, Soho.com.au and Tank Stream Ventures.

    With strong experience in scaling technology businesses to public companies worth $400M+, looking to build an incredibly bright and capable team who want to join the journey ...

  • Software Engineer experienced in helping startups deliver tech solutions to the market. Passionate about solving problems, developing people, and applying lean and agile principles to daily work. Grounded in the liberal arts and driven to make software solutions that create human impact, and to b...

  • Dedicated to understanding customer acquisition and retention efforts, through rigorous technical discipline, daring hypotheses, roll-up-your-sleeves execution excellence. I strive to approach demand and supply generation in innovative and surprising ways.

    My interest is in data analyse and the ...

What we do

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Soho is a real estate marketplace where we connect property seekers, sellers, renters, and agents alike using profile matching and tailored search algorithms. We match property seeker profiles to properties via our interactive Property Match feature, also known as the “tinder for real estate”. There is currently a huge opportunity for us to grow our product and capabilities with the use of data. We are a free platform where users can connect directly with the real estate community, allowing them to stay on top of the market trends, follow real estate industry leaders and get real-time property alerts of newly listed properties in areas of interest.

We are a venture-backed business including Australian and international VCs. We have an experienced founding team and have grown to 500K users per month on the platform as well as acquiring competitors into our business.

Why we do

The online property industry has not evolved in over a decade and is still a pay-to-list classifieds based industry. Properties are shown to you in the way that portals are paid to show you, not by how you want to see them. The more they are paid, they higher up properties appear in the search results. This isn’t what consumers want or even want agents want as they want to get in front of the right audience, not just any audience.

Soho is changing the game by not only being a free property listing platform, but also by allowing you to choose what properties you want to see and how you want to see them. We have 100,000+ properties listed on the platform already and almost 500,000 users a month, growing quickly in 2021.

How we do

All our activities are driven by our core mission statement which helps us prioritise our project priorities.

We’re a team of experienced individuals who are clear on what we need to achieve and by when. We focus on delivering results and ensure we have the discipline to check results after every project. We’re passionate, driven and kick ass as a team.

As a new team member

You will be a key driver for Soho’s competitive edge in the field of Data and Artificial Intelligence analysis AI. Your hard work and passion will be key to your success in the role and to Soho's success as a company. You will be crucial in enabling our core data products and many aspects of our business operations. This will be a fast-paced and collaborative role where you will work closely with the product, development, and business teams. Our team structure gives you room for both creativity and autonomy in terms of your problem
solving approach. The data tools we use are include Google BigQuery, Postgres DB, SQL, Mode.com and many analytics tools such as Google, Vercel and more

- Play a key role in the creation of new analytical tools and data platforms.
- Identify opportunities to leverage and productize the company’s data, and lead execution of data projects.
- Identify areas to improve data quality and be able to create pipelines and manipulate data.
- Build processes to extract, transform, and analyze data using a various tools especially SQL.
- Ad hoc analysis of data to support business decision making.
- Data visualization using variety of tools e.g. MS Excel or mode.com to communicate Soho’s data to both internal (team) and external (clients/partners) audiences
- Take ownership of reporting/monitoring business metrics by setting up dashboards.
- Work with other teams (marketing, design, engineering) to drive overall business metrics

About You
You are an ideal candidate if you have the following skills:
- Computer science or Engineering degree is required
- Knowledge of SQL is a must, for data transformations and analysis.
- Experience with various data/storage formats (CSV, XML, Excel, relational databases)
- Experience with AI based products is essential
- Keen interest in data, and passion to problem-solve and think creatively.
- Attention to detail and thoroughness in reviewing data quality.
- Be able to effectively communicate data and insights in various visual formats, like charts, graphs, histograms, etc.
- Be able to work productively and autonomously in a fast-paced environment.
- Knowledge or experience in quantitative modeling and statistical approaches to data (e.g. statistic regression, predictive modeling, recommendation engines etc.).
- Knowledge or experience with engineering will be an advantage.

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  • Unique Data Science/AI Opportunity in a rapidly-growing property startup!
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