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Seeking Project Development Executive for AI-as-a-service enterprise solution. Fresh graduates welcomed!

Integrum Global

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What we do

Integrum is a software and AI engineering company that designs platforms embedded with Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Why we do

Today, a significant problem faced by corporations who have embarked on the digital transformation journey is the large selection of off-the-shelf tools deployed across their entire value chain.

Since these tools are designed with their ends in mind, they come with quirks and fail to make a whole solution that is greater than its parts. These tools either do not talk to each other or are pieced together randomly. The underlying reason for this is because each tool is designed with its ends in mind and therefore comes with its quirks.

How we do

Value proposition-based thinking. Integrum rethinks the entire approach to this problem. Rather than breaking a business problem into smaller parts and tackling each piece in silo, we look at a client’s business value propositions as a whole and engineer tech capability towards an orchestration that fulfills these propositions. This contrasts with the typical approach of creating various functional software for multiple tasks, which often do not meet business value propositions efficiently and effectively.

Continuous AI refinement. Most digitalization tools employed by organizations today are solely focused on fulfilling functional requirements. Data science and AI solutions, especially those centered around decision-making, are served by separate software stacks and teams. This creates frictions, not just between internal systems but employees as well. Our AI solutions are continuously refined with the latest research in both the domain and tech space and are embedded into business use-cases.

Explainable AI. The results of our AI modules are presented by a layer of performance measures that are crafted to be highly explanatory. Managers can now make the right decisions without extensive communications with data science teams who may not share the same business lingo. On the other hand, our AI modules are built according to the suite of tools that Data Scientists are familiar with, which allows them to finetune the solution for customization purposes.

Digitalization meets data science. Data science meets AI engineering. Today, most data science and AI teams are either proficient in business objectives, data, modeling, optimization, or deployment at scale. Very few corporations in the world see the opportunity or economic feasibility to house a team with all of the above capabilities. Our solution avails our clients with the opportunity to enhance their economic value through efficiency and new capabilities powered by AI.

As a new team member

We develop and deploy AI-as-a-service solutions for enterprises. The value chain for such products is long, from data governance to software architecture, product features, user requirements, and stakeholder management.

As such, we require a project development executive who:
1. Understands software/hardware technology use in business.
2. Knows enough IT to be able to learn how to download and upload from our data repositories.
3. Assist the team with client onboarding (e.g. setting up users).
3. Comfortable with formatting and cleansing data.
4. Comfortable with troubleshooting network issues.
5. Network security knowledge is a bonus.

Candidates can expect to work closely with our clients (some of the largest GLCs - government linked companies) in Singapore, and build valuable connections throughout the enterprise IT ecosystem.

Click on "I'm Interested" to apply now, and visit us at our working space @ DUO Tower!

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  • Seeking Project Development Executive for AI-as-a-service enterprise solution. Fresh graduates welcomed!
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