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Support our operations as a Logistics Coordinator!

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  • June Lim

What we do

LF Logistics is the supply chain partner of choice for companies looking to sustainably grow in Asia. Our network spanning Greater China, ASEAN, Japan, Korea, the Middle East, and Indian subcontinent provides us with a strong “home court advantage” in this culturally diverse and economically active region.

We are committed to delivering fast, reliable, and cost-effective logistics solutions for the Footwear & Apparel, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Food & Beverage, and Retail industries.

Why we do

Our strength lies in numbers. We manage 26 million square feet of space and are growing at an annual rate of 35%. Partnering with more than 400 world-renowned companies, we deliver 100 million units of consumer products each day.

Our solutions are better by design. We employ both analytics tools and heuristic models to design optimum solutions for our customers. We develop business continuity and disaster recovery plans to manage anticipated risks. We utilize best-in-class IT systems to provide efficiency and visibility across every aspect of our customers’ supply chains. We train our staff to deliver results.

We care about our people and environment. We emphasize safety and sustainable practices at all times. We live up to the highest compliance, moral, and ethical standards.

Our success reflects our willingness to go the extra mile. We are passionate about service excellence. That is how our customers know that we have them covered anywhere in Asia.

How we do

At LF Logistics, we believe that each and every one of us has the ability to do amazing things. How? Rather than asking “why,” we ask, “why not?” Instead of settling for the ordinary, we set the bar at extraordinary. In place of obstacles, we see opportunities to reach for greatness.

As we reach for greatness, we inspire it in others. United by a common purpose, we rise each morning with a spring in our step, pride in our work, and a belief that today, we can do even better.

At LF Logistics, our culture is driven by the INSPIRE values, and these values guide us to greatness.

Innovation. LF Logistics is a leader – in thought and in execution. We dream. We design. We get things done. Our relentless pursuit of thinking differently is at the heart of everything we do. What stroke of genius have you had today?

Nimbleness. We are always on our toes, ready to roll. We forecast, adapt and offer solutions to meet the constantly changing horizon. As time speeds forward and the world gets flatter, we stay ahead of the curve – shaping trends, maximizing opportunities and thriving in uncertainty, all the while saying, “Bring it on!”

Simplicity. If it doesn’t add value, cut it. Enough said.

Productivity. It’s not just about doing it, it’s about doing the right things right. Execute flawlessly. Deliver in full and on time. That’s our business. It’s the way we bring satisfaction to our customers who count on every link in our chain operating at its peak.

Initiative. Take action, seize opportunities and solve problems. Go the extra mile. By doing that little bit more, we keep our customers happy.

Reliability. Think about your absolute favorite pair of jeans. They always look and feel great. You trust them to do their job, so you can do yours. We’re like that. When we say yes, consider it done. That’s a promise.

Engagement. We foster a workplace where people feel valued and understand how everyone’s work impacts the bottom line. When you have a question, ask. You’ll be heard. When you have an answer, share it. Spread your knowledge. Be engaged and engage others.

Amazing things happen when we all INSPIRE Greatness.

As a new team member

Duties and Responsibilities:
Reporting to the Regional Control Center Team Lead, the incumbents will be responsible for the daily planning, communication and coordination of operations across different departments.

Main duties and responsibilities will be as follows:
- Supervise all movements along the supply chain
- Monitor day to day order and handle shipment planning via different mode of transportation for Key Customer
- Liaise with customers via e-mail & telephone for all documentation and administration matters
- Communicate and coordinate warehouse and shipping related matters with functional department such as IT, Customs Brokerage, Transport and Freight
- Understand the application of shipping related documents such as FTA Documents, MSDS, etc.
- Understand the application of warehousing management system and importance of linkage with all shipping related matters
- Ensure Key Performance Indexes are met for all activities
- Follow up closely with customers on operations issues, discrepancies and damages
- Follow up closely with internal team on rectifying operations issues, discrepancies and damages, and ensure closure
- Supervise and ensure export shipments/local orders, including documentation are delivered accurately and on time
- Monitor warehouse productivities and drive cost control initiatives and order fulfillment
- Identify areas of improvement and establish innovative or adjust existing work procedures and practices
- Ensure high standard on Safety and process compliances
- KPI reporting
- Perform other job-related functions as and when assigned by the Team Lead/Manager.

- Degree in Logistics/Shipping/Supply Chain/Warehouse Management and/or Industrial Engineering
- 1 year of relevant working experience in warehouse/logistics/freight forwarding
- Experience in order customer service, shipping process and documentation
- Strong communication and written skill in English and Mandarin
- Willing and Fast Learner with good interpersonal skill
- Ability to work in fast pace and dynamic environment
- Ability to think quickly and perform problem solving tasks, even with changing conditions
- Service oriented and a team player
- Competent in MS Word, MS Excel and WMS system.

We believe that the success LF Logistics can be attributed to the quality of our people. We provide a variety of career development opportunities for our people, ranging from external educational programs to on-the-job training and overseas development. We ensure that our people have ample opportunity to reach their fullest potential and help drive business growth. That’s why we consciously try to balance the business needs of the group with the career goals of our people.

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  • Support our operations as a Logistics Coordinator!
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