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Do you love being with the little ones & nurturing children? Teck Whye Student Care Centre wants YOU!

Graceland Student Care

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What we do

Graceland SCC is comprised of an interdisciplinary team of dedicated professionals – from a devoted executive team to a highly trained group of care givers. Inside each of the rooms in Graceland, inspired care givers bring experience, creativity and intention to their work with our school. Our staff is comprised of exceptional individuals working together for the benefit of our children and their families.

Why we do

Our Mission, Vision and Values:
Gratefulness - Showing appreciation of what I have and what others have done for us
Responsibility - Take ownership of my thoughts, words & actions.
Attitude - Your attitude will determine your altitude
Compassion - Comes from Latin word meaning ‘with’ and ‘to bear’. A duty of care. It embodies benevolence, love and empathy.
Enthusiasm - Putting my whole heart into what I do

Through the infusion of Graceland’s VMV into SCC programmes, the desired outcome will be:
- Be grateful of what you have. Appreciate what others have done for us. Have empathy.
- Be responsible for your own action. Be truthful and admit your mistake and learn from it.
- Your attitude in life will determine how high you can fly (in future)
- Show care for people around us. Be courteous and polite. Be forgiving. Be caring to animals as well
- Be enthusiastic in what you do. Whatever the tasks, no matter big or small, it will always turn out better if you put your whole heart into it!

How we do

The Graceland family sees each student as a unique individual with great potential.

Our SCC Programme seeks to :

Engage the students, whose parents are both working in meaningful activities before and after school hours.

Ensure that all our students are given the academic edge by supervising and guiding them in their school work.

Inculcate good moral values such as 'independence', 'respectfulness', 'sharing' and 'honesty'.

To make every child that passes through our door say that “My Happiest Childhood Moments Are Here!”

As a new team member

Experienced student care teacher required in Teck Whye Lane Student Care Centre.

What You'll Be Doing:
1) The Student Care Teacher is responsible for supervising and monitoring the children
2) Assisting them with homework and ensuring their well-being
3) Provide guidance in students' learning during homework supervision
4) Ensure their safety and well-being at all times
5) Sending and fetching students from nearby school and pick up points
6) Feedback and communicate with parents
7) Food preparation and general centre cleanliness and maintenance.

The ideal candidate should possess
- Minimum “A” level certificate
- Committed and responsible
- Effectively bilingual
- Minimum 2 years in student care services

Do you love being with the little ones? Do you enjoy nurturing children and feel a sense of achievement in helping them succeed? If so, come and join our big Graceland family. You will love the environment here, surrounded by passionate colleagues and adorable kids! Click on "I'm Interested" and apply now!

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  • Do you love being with the little ones & nurturing children? Teck Whye Student Care Centre wants YOU!
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